Friday, October 28, 2011

insta-friday {phone photos!}

happy friday to you!
what's your weekend lookin' like?
patrick and i are getting away overnight on sunday,
that is really all i can think about at this point:)

here's a bit from our week via phone pictures:
hayride at the pumpkin patch. elijah was mesmerized with the tractor.
i love his tshirt! this may very well be his halloween costume #lazy

sometimes we walk all the way to minnesota to play.
it takes less than ten minutes.
we live on the edge of the red river, the north dakota side of the town.
so, if you get mail from me that is postmarked minnesota,
don't be confused. their post office is just super close:)
this park was pretty fun before it burned down. they've rebuilt it and now

elijah loves all the tree house-y things.
and of course this thing that he can make his own music with!

a crisp air day, perfect for a stroll.
we saw pretty things, and elijah peeked into people's yards.

these napkins are at pier 1.
my sister and i had a good chuckle over them.

i have a little tiny book filled with wisdom from mister rogers.
i love it.

linked up with jeannett!
life rearranged

today i'm thankful for:
:: an impromptu date with my man last night ::
:: the invention of hey tell, and friends who send sweet messages ::
:: elijah can say his name!{kinda} ::

what are you thankful for?


  1. Here from InstaFriday...oh how that napkin just made my day. :-)

  2. That park! I want to go to there! I would totally cross a state to play there. ;-)

    Mr. Rogers was my hero growing up. I was not a Sesame Street kid bc of that.

    Super stoked for last night's date AND for your getaway! Yay!

  3. LOVE those napkins & that park is amazing! I'm from Minnesota & haven't ever seen that. Although, I'm from the suburbs, so maybe that's why.

    Might need to take a road trip with the nieces' & nephew, to check it out!

    Have a great weekend! = )

  4. I love his shirt!! Wherever did you find that? I think Caleb needs one :)

    I hail from Pittsbugh and Mr.Rogers IS a BIG hero here!!

  5. That tree house is so cute! I just got an iphone, and I'm so glad I can join in on this! :) Have a great weekend girlie!

  6. That is literally the coolest park I have ever seen! :) What a blessing to those kids in town!

    Yay for your night away with the Mr! :) I hope its so much fun!

  7. i looooove hey tell. and push notifications are now enabled. so i am un-lame. well, kind of? and that park is RAD. my girls would go crazy over that beast.

  8. fantastic pics,love the amazing vibe,quite the color hue
    romwe kisses

  9. What an incredible park!!!! Awesome!!!!

    enjoyed looking at your pictures!!!

    happy Friday

  10. hahaha!
    I am loving those napkins!!

  11. Enjoy your night away!!!! I know you will ;) That park is AMAZING!!! I have never seen anything like that. Too bad Minnesota isn't 10 minutes from me :( Love you girl!

  12. That park is amazing. If only I had one of those in my backyard to keep the boys busy! Have the best time on your night away.

  13. My I've missed a LOT!

    That fort like park looks like a blast!

    When you say MN I feel like I could reach out & touch you neighbor! ;)

  14. oooh weeeeee!!!
    weekend getaway here you come!

    i wish i grew up in north dakota. or minnesota.
    look at that park.
    i'd have the TIME of my life right there.

    so fun!

  15. That park looks awesome and your dual citizenship it totally cool.

  16. that park looks amazing! and it's in minnesota?! maybe we'll be able to make our way there sometime!

  17. I LOVE these photos! And I LOVE your son's shirt... Peanuts are the best! My favorite is Linus... cause he has a blanket and gives the awesome Christmas speech! :)

  18. i love hayrides. i love elijah's shirt.

    i love that you went to MN! i knew right away from the first pic that was a TREEmendous playground. they are the best! my hometown has one... they built one after a tornado destroyed a great deal of the town. i have lived in two other towns with the TREEmendous playground. of course i always lived there without children. they are amazing structures and the effort of the community that goes into building them is awesome.

    i am totally putting toned abs on my christmas list :o)

  19. Thanks for the sweet comment & follow - following you back! Love this great pumpkin t-shirt and your adoption story!!!

  20. Those napkins are hilarious...and that park is amazing...And awesome that you can just walk to another state! So very cool!