Friday, October 21, 2011

insta-friday {phone photos!}

it's friday!!
most weeks it doesn't feel like a special day. but this week, this friday...
patrick is home. he doesn't work again until monday. hallelujah.
my mama and i took elijah for a quick trip to the pumpkin patch last weekend. it.was.freezing.
we were unprepared for the bitter wind. soooo we didn't stay long.
elijah picked a fine little pumpkin and managed a stroll through the corn maze.
he even went exploring beyond the maze path. brave boy.

elijah decorated his pumpkin. for this one, he used mostly stickers.
the child loves stickers. wonder where he got that from?

when my mama visits, she brings fun things. like this little owl wall hanging.
except it's on my fridge. no matter. she made it!
complete with little treat pockets to hide things for elijah to find.

she made me want to see it right that second!
we didn't own it!? what the what!? i was planning to get it for christmas(for myself)
but since target had it for so cheap, we bought it now. and promptly watched it.
sometimes i like to switch things up as far as my quiet time goes.
this week i grabbed my old truthquest student inductive study bible.
it was the first study bible i owned! it's new living translation and has awesome notes.
my favorites are the ones written by me. they tell of where my heart was then,
and encourage me that i have grown and am growing. so yeah, loving that right now.

from previous insta-fridays you may recall messes such as these. i secretly love it.
elijah is allowed to play with the dominoes any ole time he pleases.
because they don't shatter and are easy to clean up.
he is allowed to play with any other game when we "play" together.
elijah chose 90s trivial pursuit. he won, of course.
i mean, he left me there with the cards all strewn about,
so i assumed i was the loser...

i even secretly love that in the middle of the night we checked on elijah
to find him amongst unpacked bins of outgrown clothes. nice.
pretty much his entire closet was on his bedroom floor.
did i mention it was the middle of the night?
so yeah, nothing is organized now, but it is in the closet. for now.
he smiled super big and said "heeeeey" and came and hugged us.
his tone was all "'sup y'all? welcome to my party, ain't this fabulous!?"

i got some happy mail this week! look at that super sweet snoopy mailer. LOVE it!
chalice knows how to make a friend smile. {are you praying for her?}

my pops also knows what's up.
he sent us a tray of cinnamon rolls from the wolferman's catalog. holla.

and looky! my prints from blossom & vine arrived yesterday!
it was such a treat to meet aly in real life at blog sugar.
doesn't she make the sweetest things?
these will be framed for elijah's room asap. can't wait!

what have you been up to this week?

and what are you thankful for?

i'm thankful for:
:: patrick is off work today through sunday ::
:: creative friends with fun shops ::
:: the lord protects my crazy child in the middle of the night and all the time ::

life rearranged
linking up with jeannett. she's fancy and sweet.


  1. So glad you got time with your mom! Hugs to you this Friday, Hannah.

  2. Yay for pumpkin patch photos!! We visited the pumpkin patch too this week :)

  3. love this little peek into your life hannah. have a blessed weekend!

  4. Love the pumpkin patch shots!!! We did not make it to one this year!! But we have the pumpkins a the house!! :)

    Happy Friday

  5. corn mazes freak me out. i think of children of the corn eeeek!
    i love the you are my sunshine print.
    happy weekend friend!

  6. Beautiful blog! Isn't it funny how in pictures it can be difficult to tell how cold it actually is? When I first saw the photos of the pumpkin patch I thought of how pleasant that would be to visit and enjoy. Would never have guessed it was freezing til you said so.

  7. My parents took my kids to
    the WORLD'S largest corn maze.
    They were there 1.5 hours and
    had to abort mission without
    finishing. :)
    {that's totally a grandparents thing!}

    Have a lovely weekend my friend.
    I'm thankful that my
    hubby is coming home tomorrow.
    I miss that guy when he's gone. :)


  8. i'm thankful to be back! ;)

    glad ya' finally made it to that pumpkin patch, if only for a short time.

    E.G. & Hannah could be kin? Her dresser currently resides on the floor as well. she just can't seem to figure out what to wear unless it's in front of her (under her, behind her) i guess!!!

    happy FRIDAY!!!

  9. i love the pumpkin patch. my kids always want to do the corn maze.

    i haven't ever watched the prestige. you have me intriguied. i will have to check it out.

    i love your owl fridge hanging.. cute!

    happy weekend friend!

  10. That tractor would be a HIT around here!

  11. hi hannah!
    fun peek into your week.
    cold day at the pumpkin patch?? what's that? when we went it was 95!! ugh.
    what fun to get some happy mail!

  12. those cinnamon rolls looks a-mazing! nothing like a hubby with a vacay day--hope you're enjoying your time together! <3

  13. That Owl wall hanging turned out so super cute!! I am kind of jealous of it. :) Your mom makes the cutest little gifts. I think I might copy it when she gets home and can lend me the pattern (and fabric - ha). I love all the pictures from your life. It makes Jared and I miss you all. a lot.

  14. Laughed out loud at Elijah's nighttime escapades!!! Too funny!

  15. I love the tractor photo! Everything is picture perfect :)

  16. oh my.
    just realizing it has been OVER a week since i commented here. YIKES.

    look at all this fun.

    i adore elijah at the patch. he is so cute on that john deer.
    your mom is AMAZING that owl thing is SO FUN! did she just make it? or is it something she brought from her home? i want to live in your house with you and that owl.

    oh those cinnamon rolls look divine.

    and you are FUNNY. i love how you judge the winner of those games. i think you are right, he is the big winner right there. ;)