Wednesday, October 12, 2011

here and there {wilw}

hello, welcome to another random post. i'm pretty good at these.
because this is me. i am random.

if i thought all day, i still couldn't tell you why i love clothespins so much. i just do.
especially vintage-y ones like these.

do you like games and hate comic sans?? you'll love this.

last week i saw and loved this little quote. it's been on my mind ever since.

you know i love pumpkin stuff, but candy corn is my true bff.
did you see all the fun candy corn inspired goodies she found?

i made this for dinner last week and it was delicious. i love simple meals.

i have some fun christmas fabrics that will make a fun little bunting.
and i'm all about the no sew. also i am excited for christmas{always}.

i have favorite bloggers. one of them really got to me last week.
i've read this post every day since it was posted last week. you must read it.

this artist makes me happy. this is my current favorite print.

another favorite artist, a brilliant director, this man.
this is just one of my favorite works of his, and a lovely song, too!

Seabird "Dont You Know You're Beautiful" from Nathan Corrona on Vimeo.

today i'm thankful for:
:: music that moves me ::
:: scary movies. who doesn't need a good fright now and then ;) ::
:: lip balm. i'm addicted ::

what are you thankful for?


  1. You're so great, Hannah.
    I SO wish we could have a pumpkin-spice latte date someday.

  2. Oh Hannah, I love vintage!!!! and candy corns lover!

  3. Hey, count me in if you do a Pumpkin SPice Latte day! Those clothes pins are so cool.

  4. I love Candy Corn too! We've already went through 2 big bags here lately :)

    This is a great link up I've never done.Wonder if I can come up with something worthwhile for it....

    Have a day of happy!!!

  5. lovely links, thks for sharing with all of us.
    particpating in WILW too.. happy Wednesday! hugs bonitarose

  6. Good Morning Queen of Blogland! ;)

    when we were little my mama would make little people with us out of the old clothespins by putting yarn on the top for hair, drawing a face on the roundish part & using scraps of ribbon & material to form pants for boys or dresses for girls.

    Thanks for bringing back such sweet memories!

    ~in my prayers! xo

  7. I love these kind of post! I am such a sissy I can't handle scary movies :)

  8. i have been getting quite crafty with clothespins lately.
    except michaels seems to be out of modern ones - and only has the vintagey kind. which is not helping haha!

    you give me too many linkies to check out. ahhh sucked into the internet. but all good.

    thankful for:
    a dying, but soon replaced cell phone.
    God's word speaking to my heart - even when I read the wrong chapter for the day.
    my funny parents even though they both frustrate me.
    legs that let me walk and run and jump and all that other jazz.

  9. I love clothes pins too! Isn't it funny how we love something and aren't sure why?!! I was just thinking how I love the song Rhapsody in Blue soooo much, no idea why - it doesn't really go with my normal music genre choices. Your clothes pins are pretty and useful, that's a good combination :) xoxo

  10. I love link lists! : ) It's such a good way to find new bloggers and other fun things!

  11. ohhh hayyy! i miss you. and i love chicken pot pie, too. need to try that recipe. never made it myself. the thought makes me a little nervous.

  12. such a balm to my soul, you are. bless you, hannah.

  13. Wait a MINUTE! Candy corn must be two timing us because she's MY best friend, too! :0)

  14. OK, that Kill Comic Sans game is great