Wednesday, October 26, 2011

halloweenie treat finds

halloween is only a few days away!
are you making any spooky treats?
i haven't decided on anything yet.
and elijah's costume may simply be his great pumpkin tshirt.
whatever happens, it'll be adorable.
i'll be watching halloweenie movies and being with my boys.

i wanted to share these fun finds!
somebody needs to make these!
1. spider web sugar cookies from four flights of fancy
2. marshmallow pumpkin pops from pizzazzerie
3. spooky eyes pretzel bark from cookies and cups
4. mummy cupcakes from better homes and gardens

today i'm thankful for:
:: perspective, the lord is giving me fresh eyes ::
:: cherry coke zero ::
:: cute memories ::

elijah, halloween, 2010

what are you thankful for?


  1. I want that pretzel bark! Um..yum! :) What a cutie patootie in that spider man getup!!

  2. Oh for the time right now to make such fabulous treats!!! I bought the same-old, same-old candy bars for the few tricksters that come to our door.

  3. I didn't know there is Cherry Coke Zero. I'm not a regular soda girl, but that just brightened my day. : )

  4. I love those spider web cookies! I've been wanting to let the boys decorate some cookies. They would love that :)

  5. I love the pins and I'm thankful for some cherry coke zero too.:)

  6. Those treats look delish. I am thankful for a morning where my kids got off to school without arguing. Huge! Happy Wednesday. xoxo

  7. So yum! I am thankful for my cute old house :)

  8. that pretzel bark looks delish!
    i think that this year i am giving up halloween. is that grinchy? it's just that it's a night off from football and this mommy would love to be at home JUST on EVENING! (not complaning though)
    & my boys are too big. they want to scare little kids this year.
    UMM NO!!! they didn't like being scared...they will not scare!!!

    hugs lady xxO

  9. Ooh all of the yummy treats look amazing!

  10. Great finds! I am thankful for finding that Spooky Pretzel Bark recipe!HaHa! Linked with WILW!

  11. E is seriously THE cutest spider-man!!!!

  12. No need to reply (I know that's been stressing you out), but Cherry Coke Zero has my heart. Love!

  13. why are you so cute?

    i loved those spiderweb cookies on andrea's blog. may try and tackle those this week. in between costume making, healthy snack prepping and candy purchasing. or maybe i won't.

    i miss your face.

  14. Move over Tobey McGuire there's a NEW kid in town! He is seriously too cute in that spidy costume!

    The web cookies are so easy! I did that to Hannah's birthday cake red, white & blue & called it fireworks!!!

    You are missed;)


  15. Well that has to be the cutest spiderman ever!!

  16. Three things:
    1. Those treats look absolutely delightful!
    2. Elijah's '10 costume is extremely precious.
    3. Why did I not know you like cherry coke zero, too? #fav.
    xo Have a lovely night (without so much noise from the hoodlums on the street corner) ;)

  17. halloween is only just started to be celebrated in Australia. We have bought our first pumpkins ever this year. I tried to talk the boys into painting them..... but we will be carving pumpkins tomorrow. I am a little excited.
    By the way your blog ALWAYS makes me smile xo

  18. oh dear.
    can you please squeeze elijah into that costume one more year?
    i'm dying.
    the cute.