Monday, October 17, 2011

gooey cheesecake

over the next few weeks, i'll be sharing some favorite fall recipes. most of them are sweets. so sue me.
today, i'm sharing a go-to feel-good recipe. not particular to fall,
but it was darn particular to healing my mood over the weekend.

my mama is visiting. she has graciously offered to watch elijah
so patrick and i can get away overnight! holla!
we are so exhausted from our travels this year and decided to stick around town
and pretend we are in a far off place. we chose the perfect hotel,
have plans for nice dinner out and a movie and any other treat we fancy...
the weekend patrick has off? it is completely booked. as in every hotel in town.
it's homecoming weekend at the university and apparently it's a huge deal. pfft.
anyway, our plans are postponed until the very end of the month.
no biggie, just really let us down for a minute
since we had our hearts set on that weekend, ya know?

this gooey, delicious and super healthy treat heals all wounds.
i'm actually cutting down on sweets until thanksgiving.
wendy made me do it. she's so bossy. and i love her.
over the weekend, i fixed this as a natural reaction to a disappointment.
also as a 'last hurrah' sweets binge:)

growing up, i had similar recipes to this, called "southern chess squares" or something like that.
i have played around over the last few years and chosen the recipe i love best.
and i have no idea where i found it.
the important thing is, i wrote it down.

so, dear friends, here is my recipe for gooey cheesecake:

you will need
1 box yellow cake mix
8 oz. {softened} cream cheese
1/2 c. {melted} butter
4 c. powdered sugar
3 eggs

preheat oven to 300
mix cake mix, melted butter and 1 egg until soft dough forms.
press into a lightly buttered 9x13 pan.
mix sugar, softened cream cheese and remaining 2 eggs
until very smooth. about 2 minutes.
spread on top of crust/cake mixture.
{sometimes i add rainbow sprinkles on top, for fun!}
place in oven and bake for 40-50 minutes.
until top is golden brown.
remove from oven and let cool completely.
it will be gooey, don't bake it any further. just trust me.
cut into squares and feel comforted.
store in refrigerator.
{my favorite way to eat these
is after they have been in the fridge overnight.
oh, my heck. so yummy.}

today i'm thankful for:
:: cool days, perfect for baking ::
:: this brand new week ::
:: changed plans can be better plans ::
:: psalm 77 ::

what are you thankful for?


  1. that sounds sooooo good and soooo easy! love it !! Simple is the only way I bake ;)
    Thankful for God's grace this morning!!

  2. I would be dissapponted too :(
    On the positive side, this looks like the perfect pick-me-up-treat! Looks DEELISH!

  3. Oh my gooeyness, this sounds ahhhhmazing!

  4. Annnnd, HOORAY for weekend-with-the-hubby, coming up! Can't wait to hear all about it! ^^

  5. I am thankful for coming to your blog! Thanks for following so I can follow you now! :) Sorry about your plans :( I bet you can't wait for the end of the month! :) Cheesecakes looks YUM!

  6. yay singers!

    ROCK the weekend:)

    stressful week...might need to ditch ww and make this!

  7. Yum! Good luck with cutting down on the sugar. I don't know if I could do it. : )

  8. hmmmmmm...I think I like you more than I already did :)

  9. My Aunt made this for our Good Riddance 2010 party!!(NYE but 2010 was unkind to us so Good riddance it was!!) I was so grateful for leftovers! These are delish. I'd like to experiment with other cake flavors. What do you think would be good.

    Have a wonderful week!! XOXO

  10. Did someone say cheese cake???
    Never met a cheese cake I didn't like! That looks SO yummy!!!

    Hope your week is going well! :)
    How nice of your mama to watch EG so you can have a get-away ~ something to look forward to for sure!!!

  11. so glad you're getting away with your wonderful man!! and bless your mom ;)
    yum!!! instead of me making it.. i'd rather fly to your cozy home and have you make it for me then us chat each others ears off. deal? awesome.

  12. Cheesecake can be kind of intimidating....I love the ease of these and they look amazing! Will definitely be festive at the holidays with some red and green sprinkles atop! Thanks for sharing! XO

  13. that looks pretty darn yummy lady. hope you have a wonderful night away when you DO get your weekend away.

  14. Man I just gained 5 lbs reading this. Looks so yummy. I going to make this like NOW!

  15. Oh you are KILLING me! But I still love you. Glad you and hubby still get to "get away"

  16. It looks delish!

    And you're kidding. Every hotel in town, booked solid? Wah!

  17. Those look so yummy! I have a similar recipe but I put little pieces of heath candy on top, put in the fridge overnight, then devour the next day. Just a thought for you. :)

  18. I am thankful that after Thanksgiving I will eat things like this.

  19. ummm....YUM!

    i am glad you will get a weekend away even if its not the weekend you had planned. you are right sometimes changed plans are better plans. homecoming at colleges in the mdiwest is a BIG BIG deal.

  20. I have NEVER tried cheesecake, should I go for it?! I'm nervous, I think I could handle this though, THANK YOU! You are awesome, so talented and creative and have so much to share!