Monday, October 10, 2011

a favorite thing

i love books. i love reading. i love elijah.
put 'em all together and BAM! my face hurts from smiling.

last week i began reading stuart little with elijah.
i read while he sits on my lap, while he plays playdoh or blocks,
or right before his quiet/nap/bed time. those times are one of my favorite parts of the day.
we read loads of other books, with more pictures and fewer words.
something about sharing these classics i first read myself as a little girl is really special.
so far we've read: alice in wonderland, charlotte's web, wizard of oz and winnie the pooh.
i've read to elijah since the day we brought him home.
i wanted him to know my voice, to feel me near.
i think it also helped me bond to him, you know?
ok, now i'm gonna cry.
elijah seems to really love reading time, i pray he always will!

today i'm thankful for:
:: pumpkin chesnut candle, my mama brought it to me, awww ::
:: elijah loves straws, just like his mama ::
:: flannel sheets ::
:: psalm 19 ::
what are you thankful for?


  1. now you're gonna make me cry! I can't wait to read with out littles, I have already been collecting books. you are so lovely <3

  2. So lovely Hannah. There is something so beautiful about reading to children. It's my fav part of the day too xo

  3. I am with you - I think one of the most important and brain-building / bonding / development assisting things you can do with your child is read to them. It's not only the content of our favorite books (which are AWESOME - I am reading Anne of Green Gables to Haley - which is wordier aloud, but great!) but it is also so much time dedicated straight to your child - telling them the whole time that you love them - it's such quality one on one time - I LOVE IT!!

  4. I just did my thankfuls for the past few days--and reading and books were on there! woo hoo! I love reading myself. I love reading aloud. I absolutely love and adore reading to children and children's books. I am thankful God allowed me to read so much to my children. I am thankful for my mom who read to me and to my children (beautiful memories, beautiful pictures...) I am thankful for you, Hannah! I am thankful your mama gets to visit you all for a whole month--oh, and I am thankful for the old newsboys and the song you posted below--one of my favorites! Take care.

  5. You are such a Good mama! :)

    I read Golden Books all the time...have yet to breakout my Charlotte's Web. Someday!

    hope it's as BEAUTIFUL up there as it is down here! :)

  6. Oh how I miss reading with my boys! They used to LOVE that time too... and we have so many memories of some great books that were read together.

    Today I'm thankful for:
    - My fall Scentsy waxes... my house smells like a warm and cozy gift ship in the Autumn. Know what I mean?

    - apples on the cheap! .88 a pound for Granny Smith, yes please and thank you

    - new Essie green nail polish, fun & funky for the month of Halloween

    - a daughter that doesn't want expensive halloween costumes, she's happy with an orange sweatsuit and face paint to be a pumpkin ;) (and a cute pumpkin she will be!)

    - good weather for soccer games

    - and you

  7. today i'm a little jealous because i can't wait for the days that miles will actually sit through a whole book instead of one page and then put the book in his mouth. :)

    and i'm jealous of your flannel sheets.

  8. you are a precious mama. oh my goodness you are gonna make me cry too. thankful for your sweet words today :) xoxo

  9. this is sweet.

    my sister has two boys she adopted through the foster care program. this would be a good way for her to bond with them.

    i read little women to my girls last year. it was wonderful. WONDERFUL.

  10. Reading and going to the library is one of our favorite times together too! Such a sweet time to watch your little ones use their imagination!

  11. i love this. i love that you see and know and appreciate that sweet reading time now.

    i love that it is something that could be passed off as too grown up for your little guy (reading out of non picture books) - but that it ISN'T and it works for you guys.

    keep it up, mama. i know one day he'll look back SO fondly on those memories.

    thankful for YOU.
    for some cute crafts i completed yesterday.
    a clean, and warm home.
    a fun bike ride.
    that my dad showed up to say hello on.
    and a day off. :)

    happy monday friend!

  12. I love reading time with my children. I started reading to them when they were in the womb and I haven't stopped. It really does foster a love of reading in them and that makes me happy!

  13. i'm thankful for the big library close to my house. :)

    i love reading to my kids. my first two were early readers, which was great, but then they wanted to read on their own early, too. and that was sad. luckily i have one more left who i can still read to every day!

  14. I love reading to my boys. Your favorites are some of mine, too. :)

  15. i loved charlottes web and of course alice in wonderland... i still love alice in wonderland. like waaaay too much ;) lol.

  16. i've read to my kids since the day they were born. i packed books in the bag for the hospital. it has been and still is one of my favorite things to do with them. i am an avid reader and i want my children to love books. morgan {soon to be 12} and i still read together. i will pick a series that even though she could read it herself i read it to her at night. i love it!!!

    such sweet sweet times and great memories.