Wednesday, October 05, 2011

dress up {a halloweenie}

these free printables are from babalisme,
 and they look sweet!
seriously, the cuteness is killing me.

today i'm thankful for
:: nutella, with granny smith apples ::
:: my husband's cute eye-rolling, when i say something completely goofy ::
:: my pen pal. i adore getting mail! always makes my day ::
:: my mama is coming to visit, she's arriving late tonight, lots of grandma time for elijah ::
what are you thankful for?


  1. Those paper dolls are just the cutest!

    ~ I'm thankful that you have a pen pal who writes to You! ;)

  2. I'm thankful for so many fun, inpsirational and encouraging bloggers like yourself!

  3. I too am thankful for nutella with apples!

    And also-
    * amazing daycare families
    * a helpful husband that is also a great dad
    * three healthy and humorous children that keep me laughing
    * Reese's pumpkins (the have more pb than regular reese cups)
    * popcorn with pb m&m's
    * coffee & devotion time every morning

    (there were several food mentions... I try so hard but I can't fight my love for food!)

  4. i'm thankful for my new penfriend too!

    i am doing weight watchers, so i am thankful for sugar mama enjoying all of that goodness for me;)

    i am thankful that you are getting some mama time/grandma love for Elijah!

  5. i'm thankful for YOU. and those are the cutest little printables i ever did see. AND SOOOO exciting that your mama is coming for a visit! have fun with her!

  6. Those prints are so stinkin' cute!! And...Nutella + granny smith apples sounds like the most delicious thing ever. :) I love your thankfulness every day-it's so encouraging!

  7. mama-hannah time! YAY :)

    thankful for a cozy rainy night and getting some actual fall weather around here ;)

  8. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing...I'll have to break these out this week if it keeps raining.

    P.S. I'm thankful for Nutella on anything. EVERY DAY. : )

  9. Such cute printables! I'm thankful for this rainy weather. I love the smell of drizzle washing the old season away. Take Care, friend!

  10. oh goodness! these printables are just too cute.
    I'm thankful for my hubby staying home from work today.

  11. I am thankful that I have a laundry room that can flood.
    But seriously
    I am thankful for my boys, my husband, and you and your wonderful posts and tweets that always make my head spin.

  12. Those printables are adorable! My boys will love those :)
    I'm thankful that I get to spend the weekend with a good friend who lives far away.