Monday, September 05, 2011

tea towels

i LOVE tea towels.
vintage, modern, old and new.
crazy, simple, bold and subdued.
you might say i have an addiction.
a collection is what i call it.

here are a few i'm loving right now!

5. forks

do your tea towels need to match your kitchen, or does "anything go"?


  1. well, i just love cute tea towels too! i'm in the "anything goes" camp, as long as it's cool/cute/colorful!!

    i'm trying my hand at screen printing...i'd like to do some demos on flour sack towels, if i get something i'm not scared to show anyone, i'll send you one:)

  2. Anything goes as long as it has red, blue, or yellow in it (because those are sort of my kitchen colors), but every color goes with those... so really anything.

    Marie, you afer trying screen printing. I have always wanted to do that. So cool. So cool!!

  3. I'm on the anything goes side. Love you adorable finds!

  4. 8 years ago I would have said match....then I was all about apples & green & red.
    Now anything goes!!! And I don't miss the apples one bit! :)


  5. I like bright and cheerful... after that anything goes for me. Love #2... it is perfect.

  6. I'm a sucker for fall tea towels...if it has a fall leaf print I want to buy it. : )

    I will say that Target has come out with some great year-round patterns that I'm trying to resist buying. The ones you posted are adorable!

  7. Mostly it's whatever my MIL gives me. She LOVES to buy me tea towels, hahaha. Nothing as cute as these though ;( xoxo
    PS: all the people on Hoarders call their stuff "a collection" too. ;)

  8. Love those!
    Especially the donuts
    and the spin wheels.
    I think I need a towel upgrade.


  9. Oh my gosh, those are so cute!! I especially love the Mary Poppins one. My tea towels match my kitchen (gray and yellow) but all of my other towels are RANDOM!!

  10. I love tea towels, too. I usually don't splurge on them cause the cute ones always seems to cost too much. I always say I'll make some cute ones, but then I never get around to it. I should just splurge, huh?

    You found some really cute ones!

  11. Tea towels are the best. And I love these you have posted! I think I am probably an anything goes kinda gal.

  12. oh my goodness!
    these are all so lovely.

    my tea towels aren't nearly as pretty as these.


  13. um so i didn't even know tea towels existed until now. and i love them now.

  14. i love tea towels!! i ONLY have tea towels in my kitchen...which is a plus and a = cute. minus = zero absorbency ha hahaha. ;)

    maybe i need to do a tea towel swap next :)

    but i only have matchy ones - sorta - a pink gingham set someone gave me when i bought my place 6 years ago...

    and some pretty white ones with green from ireland from my friend margaret who just got back (i consider this spicing up my tea towel decor!)