Tuesday, September 06, 2011

soaking up the son

{this image is from an art project my sister linnea did when she was in college.
it is beautiful and it encourages my heart. she shared it on her blog, go check it out.}

i've been having interesting days lately. and by interesting, i mean awful.
little things have gone wrong. money has gone tight. even a major bout of spiritual warfare.
i may blog about these things later this week. today, i want to encourage you.
i want to tell you how i am dealing with it all.

i am not dealing with it.

scripture is something i am so thankful for, in times like these. at all times.
just as important, i think, as reading it and soaking it in is knowing it.
memorizing it, friends.

of course i don't have nearly enough memorized. can you ever even have enough?
this book. these pages. the bible. god-breathed and alive.
i have loads of bibles. like, really loads.
i blame that on my time employed at a christian bookstore years ago.
my goal daily is to crack one open and eat it up.
be quiet with the words. be quiet with him.
this is my hope. this is how i deal.
clinging to christ and his word.
sometimes i have a battle-like many times these last several days.
when battle comes, if you don't have any ammo, how will you fight?
my ammo is memorized scripture. sometimes even with tons of bibles, you can't get to one.
crying out to jesus, with his own words. scripture. it never returns void.
he will rescue me.
he will rescue you.

Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer;
from the end of the earth I call to you
when my heart is faint.
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I,
for you have been my refuge,
   a strong tower against the enemy.
psalm 61:1-3esv

first of all, begin with reading your bible.
do you have a daily bible reading?
there are days when i skip days. unintentionally.
which means, i didn't intend to skip them because i didn't intend to do them at all.
if you don't purpose to read, you won't.
my preferred plan is here. check it out if you're looking for one.
jesus wants us. he doesn't need anything we have.
nothing we offer him pleases him like giving him our hearts and minds. all of them.
honestly, a "reading plan" may intimidate you. sometimes it intimidates me!
here's the deal: just plan to read something.
read a psalm a day for starters. or even try the method i mentioned in this post.
or use a simple daily devotional with scripture included to direct you to a passage. here's one i love.
eventually, you can start a plan-and read through the entire bible. awesome!
seriously, if we dove into scripture the way we dive into our other books...wow.
ask god to help you read. ask him for the desire!!

Your word is a lamp to my feet
   and a light to my path.
psalm 119:105 esv

when i'm reading, i often take small sections and read them over and over.
i may print it onto an index card and keep it visible all day.
now, my brain is fried. i really struggle with memorization these days.
but, i have found, that if i want to learn it bad enough, i can.
so again, we must ask him to help us want it.

do you have any scripture memorized?
desiring god ministries has a great tool for this.
it's so important to do this. memorization.
to fight anger, lust, covetousness, fear, bitterness...
every sin can be defeated! every grief can be comforted.
every faith can be renewed. you get the idea.

god gave us this gift of his word. it's how we know how to pray.
to communicate to him. it's how we know him.
be encouraged today! get into that word! soak it up.

i posted this last year, but wanted to share it again today.
the word. spoken and beautiful. also, hip-hop will be in heaven.



  1. So true. Spending time in the Word daily is essential. Otherwise, how are we gonna be able to handle what life throws at us?? Love this and love you!!

  2. I've been going through similar times...I want to crave God's word like chocolate!!

  3. just what i am doing these days. the word is essential.

  4. I've been thinking about you often this past week, and noticed you were a bit quiet this past week. Thinking of you and praying for you ((hugs))

  5. I love you. I love this post. Thank you so much for the encouragement! :) I needed to read this post today. I have been looking for a new Bible reading plan. I really like the RMM plan. I am going to jump in mid-year because if I wait, I will probably completely forget. I know how life gets.

    -gth Faith

  6. this was an amazing post! i can't wait to watch the video on my lunch!


  7. Love your line...I'm NOT dealing with it! And glad to see that you are Proverbs 3:5-6ing it up!!! But, then I wouldn't have imagined you doing anything else really! :)

    Also, thanks for sharing your struggles on memorizing! Glad I'm not the only 'fried brain' out here!


  8. Great post, it really spoke to my heart. I've been pretty lost, but now I know what to do.
    I hope you will be okay. xoxo

  9. SO much wisdom and awesome info to take away from here. You are the bestest Hannah.:)

  10. I love that your making it a goal to read more! I love the part about ammo! remember it takes like what 20 days to form a habit? Also quality time reading the good word trumps quantity time. One verse might be all we need for the day sometimes it is the whole chapter :)

  11. Hannah,

    Thank you so much for this post. This just happens to be exactly what God has been laying on my heart recently, getting back to basics in His word and for real storing it in my heart by memorizing.

    Thanks for being used by Him in my life.

    Megan - www.myreply.org

  12. Wow. I needed to hear this at this very moment, Hannah. I've been having a truly awful morning and needed to hear what you had to tell me. Thank you for letting God speak through you. I also know hip-hop will be in Heaven (AND I'll look good dancing to it!), so I loved the video too. Thanks again. Going now to do better this afternoon...

  13. I love your heart girl! I always walk away encouraged and my heart refocused to our great God. Thanks for that!

  14. So much of His love here!!! I am learning to just let it all go...after so many struggles the past few years I am just completely surrendering to Him. He IS the One with the plan and I really don't have to try and figure out how everything is going to turn out!
    You are so right...His word is what we need :)
    Thanks for sharing this!

  15. Ah, yes. I love His Word. I'm currently wrapping up my reading plans (ESV Bible) and I'm excited to read it whole!

  16. Thank you for this beautiful reminder, friend. I struggle with balance and am guilty of not making the time to focus on His Word. I tell myself that I am busy and my days are full, yet I have time to blog? I really do need to make this a priority. Thank you for the links and your encouraging words! xoxo

  17. Thank you for always encouraging me to open my bible!

  18. It's like you read my mind! I have been convicted about memorizing scripture lately...just hiding it in my heart. Diving into my Bible is the only way I can fight spiritual warfare and yuckiness in my life...it just makes me feel better..at peace secure in Him.

  19. appreciate your encouragement dear friend! what a way you have with words :) and p.s. i love that top quote and the project your sis made...awesome. reminds me of one i did in college too. hmm..just might have to post about that one day. love you :)

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  21. Haha! I laughed at how you "unintentionally" skip the Devotion time:-) How many times am I OUT the door when I realize I didn't start my day in worship! (And I don't have any little ones here anymore)! Not that I am not praying all day, but I missed that essential beginning!I will tell you all it is hard with little munchkins around! But keep persevering. Don't be put off if you can't catch your "quiet time" till the kids nap time or even after the kiddies are in bed.The devil will try to spiritually defeat you in this-FIGHT BACK!

    My "big" memorization last year was Psalm 103(maybe I posted this already once)-I can't tell you HOW MANY times the Lord allowed that me to use it in different settings, how it encouraged my heart,how it still speaks to me daily. I had memorized small scriptures before but this was a huge feat for my ol' brain! I've been lazy for a while now-time to find something new to memorize!

    Thanks Hannah for all the encouragement!

  22. Such a good encouragement. I have been thinking about doing a Bible reading plan... in fact, the sermon at church the other day was on it. :)

    Thank you for leaving Psalm 40: 1-3 on my blog... I love that passage and I had forgotten about it.

  23. Thank you for this beautiful reminder! I love your posts and your blog! And your lovely heart! xo

  24. purposing to read the Bible in a year has completely changed things for me. I think it's the intentionality of it. I need to get better at memorizing. I seriously feel like my brain won't do it but i'm going to try and memorize the bible verses my kids memorize to present in class. This post was brilliant! I'm praying the enemy away friend, you are loved!

  25. Such an encouraging post... I love how you can do that even when you admit you are having a hard time in life. I've just really made a serious commitment to read the Bible in the morning time. It was going well for a bit, but then... um... I need to jump back on the wagon. I'm going to check out Kelly's link up. I would love some accountability.

    I do memorize scripture. I don't know a TON, but I know several verses that are helpful in my life and in the lives of my children. I usually set the verse I want to memorize to the tune of a common song. It makes it easier to memorize...

  26. praying for you, friend. so thankful that you find refuge in the Word. the only place to go. love you.

  27. love you love you love you. i need to work on my scripture memorization. i know bits and pieces of scriptures. thank goodness for google i can figure em out. but, i do want to know them know them. def. going to look at that tool.

  28. p.s. hip-hop will totally be in heaven. i am always looking for new music for my boys. i think they will love this so thanks for sharing it.

  29. thanks for posting! oh that's so where i'm at too. i've always heard people talking about yearning for more of His word and i'm now in that place. i'm hoping to really get some scripture memorized in the process.

    thanks for stopping by!

  30. LOVE this post. i also treasure God's word so much... and always want to find ways to inspire other women to feel the same way! and i heart the psalms and hip-hop as well! you are a riot {in a good, godly way}!

  31. you've got Jesus on your side, sweet blog friend. I can only imagine why spiritual warfare is coming your way--you are making a difference for HIM! I'm praying for you, and I so LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your posts. great stuff. hugs!!

  32. praying for you today - you are a blessing! and thanks for posting that cool video - i love it!

  33. CRAZY good post.

    i thought i was the only one with a stack of 2404234 bibles. and i didn't even work at a christian book store.

    i'm refraining from buying another one i really want...but idk how long that will last ;)

    then there is the iPhone bible app.
    my kindle.


    i love memorizing scripture.
    but i don't do it too much.

    a couple of years ago i memorized philippians for lent.
    one of the hardest/mostawesome/mostrewarding/mostchallenging things i have ever done.

    i don't have the whole thing still memorized.
    but it comes back to me when we read through.

    i always think, if i was stranded/locked up somewhere without the WORD what would i do? i know that God has provided the scripture that has been memorized so far....

    brilliant video.
    seriously, i still go through the books of the bible via the praise song tapes we had when we were kids.

    i need more scripture to rap or any other kind of music.
    totally going to utilize that vid! LOVE It.

    okay....end of essay.

  34. <3 love that u think hip hop will be in heaven! ;) LOL IT WILL! :) that verse, gave me hope. I've been struggling too lately. God does amazing things. We stumbled onto each other's blogs for a reason, God's amazing like that. <3 ::hugs::