Friday, September 16, 2011

insta-friday {phone photos!}

early tuesday morning, i took elijah to one of our favorite parks in town.
the equipment there is awesome.
elijah isn't concerned with fancy, shiny playgrounds.
his favorite things are climbing on the picnic tables,
laying in the grass, and running around hunting for sticks.
it was 42 degrees that morning. delightful!!
well, until elijah realized his pants were soaked from all the dew.

this week on insta friday, we're showing you something we love.
i snapped a few pics of some of my happy things at home:
this is my "main" bible.
it's my favorite because it's small, green
and i like the texture of the binding.
my utensil crock. love.
patrick got it for me a few summers ago.
washi tape. lately the only play it gets is decorating packages and envelopes.
i am addicted to this stuff, y'all.
if i could, i would own a million rolls AND use them all.
there are loads of fun things to be done with this magical tape.
my crafting days are nearly non-existent though. hoping this changes soon.
you know i adore books. specifically children's books.
here are a few favorites, old and new:
this is the way to the moon educational and darling.
i really love anything illustrated by sasek. for reals. so genius.
a very special house the same brilliant duo from my most favorite little book.
hop skip jump when i was a little girl, this was my favorite.
especially the grocery store pages.
i'd imagine i was in that store, shopping, like a grown up.
little hoot a tale of a little owl who doesn't like his bedtime routine.
petite rouge little red riding hood. with a cajun twist. excellent fun.

i bet you've got some fun photos on your phone,
go link up with jeannett.
happy friday!
life rearranged


  1. I have that same Bible in pink & love it! I really like that green color though, wish they'd had it when I bought mine!

  2. love your cutie Bible, love le crueset (I have a few things in their caribbean blue), love washi tape and love m sasek books - we have london and new york so far

  3. Happy Friday! Beautiful pictures and lovely blog. I am excited to let you know that I have featured your blog today on my Follow me Fridays post. Be sure to stop by and grab your button!
    -Robyn from Tips from the Heart

  4. love the colors of your favorite things. so cheery. 42 degrees. wow. fall is at your doorstep! happy weekend to you! :)

  5. 42 degrees! That would be considered freezing in my book!

  6. LE CREUSET!!! AAHHHH! One of my debt-free dreams is to own a collection of Le Creuset pots. I don't own ANything by them and I'm so excited that you do! A crock for utensils is just too cool- Patrick did well!

    And seriously, you're the second (blog) person to talk about washi tape. How is it different from other tape and where can I find some? You have some adorable patterns and colors there! Must. go. buy. today.

  7. i think you like green!!!!! I do too!!

    these cooler temps are awesome!!!

  8. I LOVE your happy things! We both posted pics of our bibles today! hahaha

  9. what a pretty bible!!! Hoping & wishing for Fall to arrive in Cali!!! My favorite season!

  10. so much fun color right here.

    i wanna play washi tape too. where do you get yours? etsy?

    is it like matte like masking tape? or glossy like scotch tape? i had been meaning to ask you this for a while. does it peel on and off easily?

    and i LOVE that bible. one of my friends has that one and they dont make it anymore :) that green color is BEE-utiful :)

  11. So many good things to look at! The books are adorable.

  12. Your bible and your ribbon are pretty.

  13. Do you guys need jackets already? If so, I'm kinda jealous! I love the tape! So cute!

  14. LOVE your green Bible and the washi tape is simply fabulous!! LOVE it!

    Maria {The BMC Report}

  15. your bible is such a pretty shade of green....must make it even more fun to read ;) i'm going to have to try that washi tape! happy weekend to ya!

  16. hi. please bring your bible to blog sugar. so i can steal it. thank you.

  17. These photographs are all so precious... I especially love the one of the books! Good memories. :)

  18. That bible is my favorite!
    Thinking of you! :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  19. Oooo... so much yummy green in this post!! It's my fav color! I have never heard of washi tape! I'm going to have to look into this! :)