Wednesday, September 07, 2011

if today was a fall day {wilw}

i am confused. is it "if today was" or "if today were"?
help me! while i wait for your grammatical advice,
i'm once again, wishing for fall!
we are actually having another heat wave
(high seventies is a heat wave in september here!),
but if it were/was an autumn day:
 i'd walk this path, wearing this outfit.
holding hands with my sweetie and my kiddo.
crunching leaves underfoot.
i'd pick a basket full of apples.
i'd play with color and pumpkins to decorate my kitchen.
{sources: one two three four}

i cannot wait for autumn to really push through,
with it's crisp air and reds and sunset oranges!


  1. That outfit is SO cute! I really wish I could put clothes together like that.

    The fall season is really short here, as I'm sure it is for you too. I try to enjoy every single second of it before the arctic winds start up.

  2. I wish I could help you on the grammar, they both sounded accurate. Our heat wave this week is 105* I'm walking around in my bathing suit and cover up for another week until fall decides to arrive.

  3. wishing for autumn here too!

    as well you know, we are still pushing high 80's and humidity!

    miss you:)

  4. Autumn has come here to Mi (but if one wanted to know anything about MI, our weather literally changes from 50's to 90's from day to day...ugh)! I'm looking forward to picking apples with my girls this fall, too! We go to a big orchard with friends and it's lovely! Aaah...thanks for the reminder!

    Oh, and technically, you can say/write either was or were. As a matter of fact, in today's world, was is more often used; however, were is the "proper" use.

  5. id walk it and wear it too! beautiful. i'm so excited for fall. i went into the store yesterday and they had the little pack of caramel apples that i love and look forward to every year *small joys*


  6. English major to the rescue. According to the subjunctive, use were instead of was, when referring to instances that are not certain to happen.

    If today were fall.

    Here's a helpful link,

    By the way, it is rather fall-ish here and that outfit is lovely. Isn't fall the greatest?

  7. Come on down here and have some of our cold! can have it. I don't mind. Last week we were sweatin' HOT and this week I'm in a jacket & Hannah begged me to wear her mittens. It's questionable as to whether she really needed them?! ;)


  8. Autumn is my favorite season. I can't wait for it to arrive!! I am tired of this warm sticky weather. This post makes me happy. YAY, for fall.

  9. We spent all summer with 60 degree temperatures WAITING for summer to come. When I finally gave up hope and decided to just get excited about fall, it got hot. It's supposed to be 100 degrees all this week!

    I'll just keep dreaming of fall things for now! : )

  10. These are great fall finds!!! We went apple picking last week....sooooo fun!

  11. LOVE IT! Our family loves fall, in fact just yesterday my husband and I prepared for TODAY, to be a Fall Day! And your blog just confirmed that it must happen! Even if its in the 70's outside.

  12. Gorgeous fall inspiration! It's my favourite season!

  13. 1. i dont want to hear about your 70 degree heat wave. yesterday in my town was 97 degrees. i'd be all over 70 degrees high or lows.
    and pumpkin: pie,scones,lates,cupcakes. anything pumpkin reall.

    2. i gave you a blog award today come check it.

    love you!

  14. Ok so I am worst grammatically correct person in the world. see that was the worst sentence ever written! haha. you need to come to indiana we are having great fall weather! xoxox Erica

  15. I think I need a pumpkin colored cardi now. *swoon* "was" or "were" is correct. Most people use "was" now, it's the more modern way to write that sentence, but "were" is the more traditional way. That is why you aren't sure, because you've heard it both ways and they both sound correct. Personally, I prefer to use "were". I think that preference just comes from reading so much Anne of Green Gables.

  16. I'm craving fall here, but we're pushing 100 today. Love your inspiration pics!

  17. I'm TRYING to resist the siren song of fall...but gals like you make it difficult. ;)

    It's chilly and grey here, but the sun peeks through now and then and I feel like it's the best of both. I have my crazy knee socks on AND the windows are open! Woot.

  18. Love love that outfit... I am dreaming of leaves and pumpkin pie now.

  19. Sounds like absolute perfection. :)

  20. Gorgeous! I could crunch one of those apples right about now!

  21. apple picking? Well that might be the turning point for me: I can't wait for FALL! Thank you for stopping by sweetie.

  22. Oh, this makes me long for cool weather, a scarf & a pumpkin spice latte in my hand!

  23. I adore Fall and all its Autumnal goodness! I decorated September 01st (that's the first day my husband will only roll his eyes at me and not say too much about it). We're in the high 80s here, which is still too warm for Fall, but at least the humidity is lower than it has been.

  24. Oh my goodness I love that outfit! Um, I cannot wait for Fall! It started cooling down here last week but tomorrow its supposed to be 103 again :( Boo.. but I'll just keep dreaming of cooler weather and leaves.