Thursday, September 08, 2011


did i tell y'all that i am suffering from strep throat?
and patrick has it, too!! 
yep. it's a pitiful place, our house.
we're offering our child endless snacks and movie watching.
he is loving it. and redecorating our home. help.
let's think happy thoughts:
elijah has a bit of an obsession with snow white and her seven dwarf friends.
he's only recently really watched the movie. and once he saw it, he fell in love.
he acts out all parts.
here are some highlights:
snow white, running for her life, falling deep into the forest.
even her crying on the ground.  
elijah is a master at whimpering in his real life, so this act is an easy play.
he plays a dwarf, mining away, with an axe
(or a sword, or wii sports bat attachment)
the "axe" is thrown over his back singing away
"hi-ho, hi-ho, it's home from work we go"
as he marches around the room.
(he really has the "hi-ho" part down, the other lyrics, he's just winging it.)
he fake sleeps, after he sweeps the floor.
just like snow white sleeps after cleaning the little house.
elijah's snores are so legit.
switching gears to the evil queen is no big deal for my boy.
he can cackle and mix old hag potion like it's his job.
then he's back to the whimpering/sobbing,
when snow white is duped by that nasty apple.
the prince part, at the end, where he kisses her awake, oscar material.
he rushes over to me to lean in for the life-giving lip lock. what a natural.
elijah hops onto his rocking horse and rides away, waving and saying "bye bye"!
his smile spread wide across his face says he is proud of his performance.

the "hi-ho" song is sung all. day. long. long after the movie has been turned off.
he even studies at bedtime. you just never know when you'll need to
be ready to perform a stellar snow white act.

i've also shared a little post about adoption at take heart.
go check out the series danielle is hosting-blessings await!


  1. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Snow White is a good resource to keep him entertained while sick.

  2. What a sweet boy--and I just love his sweet parents too! Feel better, Singers! missing you these days. xo

  3. Came here from your guest post. Love love LOVE your adoption story!! Adoption has always been on my heart as well. So have twins.

  4. What a little sweetheart!
    I hope you and your hubs feel better soon! Praying for youuuuuuu.

  5. I'm expecting to see that boy on the Big Screen one day!
    And I LOVE that you get to be 'the princess'....pretty sweet! :)

  6. Ohhh, strep throat is so yucky...hate that you guys' feel bad. Elijah is such a cutey and I love how he acts out all of the parts. Makes me smile just reading

  7. he's absolutely precious! hope you guys start feeling better very soon :) xoxo!

  8. Hope you guys feel better soon! Strep throat is NO fun... but it sounds like you're definitely being entertained along the way to recovery! :-)

  9. Oh he's so pitiful in that photo! Praying you both feel better soon!

  10. Ohhhh you poor things!! Praying you feel better VERY VERY soon and Elijah and his love of Snow White....priceless. <3

  11. No fun...hope you guys are feeling better soon. :-)

  12. We have that same copy of the Snow White book. I LOVE that he can act out the whole thing.. Think he'll become an actor? From what it sounds like, he could star in his own one man show!!
    Feel better soon!!
    PS: I am loving pen friends.. My pen friend Ashley is awesome. Thank you for putting that together!

  13. Your dwarf is too cute:)

    Feel better soon...both of yall!

  14. I don't think this could be any more adorable! I LOVE it! :) So sorry that you and your husband are sick. Hope you feel instant relief very soon.

  15. get better soon guys! strep throat NOT LEGIT! i am totally loving that he loves snow white. :-)

  16. My middle daughter also when through a big snow white thing. I don't know how many times I found an apple with one bite out of it, and her lying next to it "dead" (arms thrown out to the sides, eyes closed and mouth half open) killed me every time.

  17. I hope you guys are starting to feel better. I love that he's loving Snow White and all the acting. So cute! We've been into Cinderella these days. :)

  18. aww! Sometimes I seriously miss my childhood imagination. I bet it's so real to him! So cute and fun!!!!

  19. Aw, I hope you both feel better soon! It's so cute that he loves that story so much!

  20. Oh no!!!! I am so sorry. I feel your pain. Strep is terrible. I just got over having it for the first time. I thought I would never get better. Day 9 and I finally could swallow without pain. Jared and I will be praying for you. Get well soon. :)

  21. Love his cute imagination! We've all got colds over here. Yuck... it's too early for all this nonsense! Hope you feel better soon.

  22. redecorating the house. mercy! hope you're better by now ;) .....just doing a little 'blog catching up' today!!
    <3 <3 <3

  23. oh dear.
    i hope you are feeling MUCHO better by now!

    the recap of elijah playing is the cutest thing i ever did read.

    one day i was over at the johnson's and ashlyn started chanting "Hiiiiii HOOOOOOO' and it was the cutest thing i ever did hear.

    i'm gonna need to make her do it again for me.

    i need a little dwarf fixing.

    are you guys going to disneyland when you are here for B. Sugar?

    B. Cause i think EG might DIE when he gets to Fantasyland!