Wednesday, September 21, 2011


last week i mentioned a few sweet books that we love.
i thought i'd share a few more favorites in a five-o-rite post!
let's bring back is filled with delightful things that we all need to know.
from acquaintance and fainting couches, to petticoat mirrors, wasp waists and zeppelins.
nostaligic definitions to make you a better you.
this is my go-to book when i need to be instantly in a jolly mood.
or when i want to have elegant dinner conversation with my husband.

after a chuckle over the title, i became a huge fan of this book.
the common sense and plain fun in these pages is so refreshing.
loads of useful tips for us mamas!

poems and prayers for the very young was one poured over by me and my siblings as children.
the sweet illustrations took me to many magical places.
i love reading these little verses with elijah in the evenings.
the prayers are so short, easy to teach and learn with littles.
really looking forward to that soon with elijah!

the color kittens is an adorable book. we have this newer board book copy.
the illustrations, by the provensens, are some of my favorites. i just love their work!
elijah loves the colors. and saying 'meow meow' on every page ;)

another book from my mama, adèle and simon in america. this is super cute!
little simon loses things throughout their travels-they even make a stop in north dakota!
you can hunt for lost items on each page-like an 'i spy' book. the illustrations are very sweet.

are these new to you?
what books are you loving right now?


  1. I'm a sucker for book recommendations so THANK YOU!!! And thank you for the sweetest comment ever on my blog. I got a Kindle this summer and found some great books for free by Christian writers if you can believe it. Two of my favorites were called Stealing Jake and Sixteen Brides.

  2. I NEED to read more books! Need to find the time!!! Time when I'm not worn-out tired!
    Last night I sat down on my bed (there's the problem) with the laptop, my bible & baby (Hannah was sleeping over at Grandma's), fell asleep & didn't wake up til 2:30!

    Have a BLESSED day my 2nd favorite Hannah! ;)

  3. These sound great---I LOVE books! Have a great day!


  4. these books look so FUN.

    you must have the best library!

  5. Most of these are new to me, but now I want to go find them! I'll have to keep my eye out for them.

  6. Ooh, I love new book recommendations! My children are really loving Wisdom and the Millers and we have been reading books by George MacDonald during family read-aloud time.

  7. Oh... I remember the color kittens! YOu are bringing me back!! :)

  8. My uncle owned an "original" Color Kittens. I was always fascinated with it as a child when my sister and I would visit his home. He always had paper doll houses,the minimalist box of Crayolas, plain paper,and some OLD Golden Books to keep us entertained.

    I just compared the 1949 version to the 1986 version. Not only are the colors more garish in the newer version-there are THREE pages that were not re-printed in the new one!
    (The first page, one near the end and the last page)!

    We must compare our versions, Hannah!

  9. Oh my goodness!! Earlier today I had this same EXACT idea, and guess which book was going to be pictured in MY list...Let's Bring Back!!!!! Thanks again, btw - that book is so great. I'll do my list soon - I need to update my blog, big time.

  10. I so adore children's books and I so adore your taste! (I admit that some of the book recommendations I see online are not my thing at all.) We really like the Sam books by Amy Hest and they are especially good and cozy in the fall and winter.

  11. love hearing about new books. thanks for sharing.

  12. i love to see book recommendations! i'm glad to have found your cute blog through carina...and thanks for stopping by mine! :)

  13. I didn't hear about any of these, and they look like a really good ones :)

  14. LOVE book recommendations! My little V is a huge fan of Color Kittens - it is one of our Little Golden Book compilation books and it's the one she turns to EVERY SINGLE TIME! I can't wait to read "Miss Poppy's Guide"!!

  15. I love these books, Hannah. You have great taste! :)

  16. What beautiful books! I've heard of some of them, but the other I want to read to my baby-they look so cute. thanks for sharing!

  17. these! Especially the first one! I've GOTt to get me a copy of that one:)