Friday, September 02, 2011

coffee break

happy friday! our week has been a mostly rainy one.
we've managed though to make it to the park, to the mall(to play!), and to the library.
movies have been watched and laundry has been done.
cake and cookie baking may have also happened.

take a minute and relax with me! grab a cup of coffee!
or maybe you'd like tea, or diet coke. or heck,
crank down that ac and make some hot cocoa!
just get cozy and check out these blogs!
these are all fairly new to me-and blessing my heart.

stephanie shares her wisdom on life as she's living it, in a beautiful, love-filled way.

linda is a gifted writer and her blog is brimming with encouragement and inspiration.

denise (who led me to linda!) is hilarious, joyful and free. she really build me up.

carina is so cheerful and full of encouragement. i instantly fell in love with her!

i hope you'll check out these blogs.
blessings await!
if you've missed them,
visit previous coffee break posts for more awesome reads!

what blogs have been inspiring and encouraging you lately?


  1. I love your great big heart. I am definitely going to check the ladies out. Stephanie @ the honey pot is amazing.

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm so excited! I love being referred to other blogs by blogs I totally love (like yours). :) Can't wait to check them out. Thanks for sharing!

  3. i will be checking these out today!!!! :) i've read the honey pot and loved it so i look forward to the other you've listed!

  4. I agree with Ashley. The Honey Pot's the only one I recognize.
    I'll have to check them out!
    btw...LOVED the blogs of the gal you spotlighted yesterday! :)


  5. Thanks for introducing us to these great reads!! I love your blog Hannah!!!

  6. ooooh fun. i love a good blog....will check them out, thanks!

  7. I love The Honey Pot and I just checked out a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut! Super cute!

  8. fun! i recognize denise but haven't read the others. can't wait to check them out!! cute idea, friend.

  9. My newest faves are Call Me Blessed and Happy Days :) Can't wait to check out some more!

  10. You're the best! Thanks for the shout out :) The feel is mutual. I am gonna check out the others. Have a great weekend, friend!

  11. I was so surprised to see my name up here! So sweet of you, thanks!

    And I am so glad to be reading your blog now, too! It's such a blessing and encouragement!

  12. SO...

    I hopped over from Ferial-Shmerial because I liked your comment on one of her posts.


    I realized that this is the blog my bloggy friend Kelli (More Bang for Your Bucks) mentioned in her post today.

    And then...

    I see that you tweet @LauraCadell - are y'all IRL friends? Splendor is my #1 online shop.


    We were definitely supposed to "meet" - wouldn't ya say?

    Happy blogging!

  13. I love this idea. what a sweet encouragement you are to people. I'm a fan of stephanie and denise too! such sweet women!! now I'll have to go check out the others ;) love u friend!

  14. this is a great idea.

    and HOW SWEET ARE YOU! and you hannah are the one who builds me up! so looking forward to seeing you at blog sugar to get you in person!

  15. Was that hot chocolate comment for me? I'm just gonna pretend it was...
    I had some this morning.

  16. here i am drinking my 545am...yikes...having a little coffee break reading your little blog.
    and oh, you know. comment bombing it ;) (you missed me, didn't you!)

    love these links - will have to come back and check them out when i'm all caught up....

    but for now i'm reading all of yours...then next is denise (you two are my favorites....shhhh don't tell)