Friday, September 30, 2011

blog sugar :: the sweetest treat

{photos from the talented ruthanne, who is pretty sugary sweet herself!}

i'm back! hardly back to "normal" routine, but home all the same.
california was refreshing and delightful, but the sweetest part of the entire trip
(besides seeing my sweet family!) truly was blog sugar.
i wanted to share a bit more than my last post.
i've yet to find time to read all of the amazing recap posts. i have only peeked at a few;)
if you're curious and want to see what all the sugar fuss is about, go read them!!

honestly, there is too much that i want to share,
compared to the time i have to actually write about it.
you may or not get sick of me blogging about blog sugar over the next few days!

i spent lots of time last weekend with laura, chelsea and janene.
favorite activity with them was milkshakes at ruby's on the seal beach pier.
also chatting the night away saturday night. maybe that was my fave?
these girls are delightful. i totally knew they would be.
we met up with lots of other fun girls for dinner saturday night.
sunday morning at the hotel breakfast i met kristen and finally met denise in real life!
at that point i was on a sweetness overload already from spending time with so many amazing women!
then came the actual event.
blog sugar.
wow. all of the cheerful pink and orange was the perfect backdrop for all of the happiness the night would bring. there was cotton candy being spun, drinks being poured, girls squealing, hugs-lots of hugging, i loved every second of it. i got to see jami and danielle for real, rather than video chat!
i finally met greta, jessica, keri and kim, heather, adrian, erin and katy, andrea, kaylee and
kacie, rachel, katie...i could name names until the cows came home! but i don't even have any cows...
i am still reeling!! people who have blessed me online, meeting them face to face, making real life connections. meeting new friends and discovering new blogs. love!!

i enjoyed three speaker sessions. three insightful, inspiring sessions.
heather was first, and i think i cried the entire time. much of what she shared was on my heart already,
and she radiated the grace of jesus as she spoke about 'telling your story'.
lindsey was next. even though i do not own a business,
her talk was incredibly helpful to me. she's a smart one;)
jeannett and julie were my final session. they are hilarious, gracious and adorable.
of course, i already knew this from their blogs;)
their chat challenged me to give my blog to the lord. all of it.
meg was the keynote speaker.
she reminded me that i have an audience. do i share christ with them?
god wants me to shine for his glory, not my own.
what a treat it was to meet these women!!
blog. for. jesus.
that was the basic tip i walked away with sunday night.

i was thrilled to meet rachel, andrea and jen who worked diligently
in planning the sweetness of blog sugar. and it showed.
i'm so thankful, their efforts blessed me incredibly. everything was beautiful!

i chose not to bring my camera. i just wanted to soak it all in.
and i will shamelessly hoark any photos i want from other bloggers.
if you have any photos of you with me, send 'em along, pretty please?

#1 thing i heard all evening:
some version of "you are so tall"
apparently, i seem shorter on the blog;)
#2 thing heard all night:
some version of "whoa, you have a southern accent? i thought you were from north dakota?"
no matter where i live, i will have a touch of southern from living 15+ years in mississippi.

i am overwhelmed that i was able to meet so many bloggers in real life.
it was like meeting sisters for the first time.
my heart and mind are so full, this event really was spectacular.
it was exactly what i needed.
i'm especially grateful to my darling husband, for being the very best travel companion.
taking care of elijah while i had a super sweet time connecting with friends, he's a good man;)
praise jesus.


  1. Tasty and beautiful photos! I'm glad you had a good tim :)

  2. it was GREAT to meet you. i think i said that already, but i'm more than okay saying it again. i'll probably say it again tomorrow.

    i didn't here the m.i.s.s.i.p.p.i. in you.

    your husband is a very good man.
    he and my very good man would get a long well.

  3. Hannah I missed you!:) I read one if your tweets and knew your hubs had gone along with you...and thought that was so sweet. I love hearing all the stories and what each person walked away with!

  4. wow hannah. all the way to cali for a blog meet up. very adventurous! i think i would have been scared to death. I am just getting up the nerves to go to a womens bible study at church. but, i guess you have met them online. let me know when you are on the east coast... we shall have a cup of coffee or two! ;) so happy to catch up on your blog. have a blessed weekend!

  5. btw: why in the world also did I assume you were short like me??? i am only 5'5"!! love to know you have a southern drawl. my sister already thinks i am picking one up.. i don't hear it. haha

  6. So happy for you! Glad your soul found refreshment!!! I will NOT get tired hearing you speak about blog sugar! Chat away...

    How tall are you anyways???

    ~i do believe I owe you a letter! ;)

  7. I left feeling like I wish that I had more time to chat with you. It was so busy and overwhelming (in a good way) for me. You are so warm and beautiful. It is such a treasure knowing you and getting a chance to finally see you in person. : )

  8. aw sounds like you had a ball ... sure wish i could've made it :) maybe next time ... and your got great photos too!

  9. You were one of my highlights.
    I was so happy to meet you!
    And you're just as lovely in person
    as you are here.

    You tall, southern girl, you! :)


  10. You are just pure LOVE!!! So glad I got to hear your story and your heart: ) California wishes you lived closer: )

  11. Yes! I was hoping you'd tell us all about it - so glad you could go and that it was such an encouragement!

  12. I'm so, so happy we got to meet in person! Blog Sugar was fabulous and I can't wait for another. And yes, you are much taller than I thought. :)

  13. looks like you had a blast:) cute blog!! I'm a new follower from Soleil Selene :)


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  15. It was a truly awesome and inspirational event! I am sad that we didn't cross paths tho! Glad you had such a great Cali visit. :)

  16. You woulda been the highlight of the conference for me... maybe next year?

  17. you're so right, friend.

  18. it was wonderful to meet you and your sweet family!

    yes, i took the same theme away from blog sugar blog for jesus.

    i am glad you had a wonderful trip to california.

  19. meeting you in person was one of the highlights of the event for me.
    p.s. thank God for wonderful hubbies!

  20. i love this post and all the linky friends that are in it. amazing we met all of these people, and each other, right? crazy the bloggy world. LOVE it. :)

    i am so happy to hear how refreshed you were from your crazy time here. :)

    i also want to know more about visiting california family - how fun is that :)

    and i am SO glad we heytell'd before the event - totally not surprised by your accent. :)

    still surprised by your height even though you warned me.

    but that was the funniest thing about the whole day - i feel like NOBODY was what i expected height wise. how weird is that? it's like a blogging optical illusion! :)