Thursday, August 04, 2011

rowdy recipe roundup {and an unrelated note}

did you know that "rowdy" means "super awesome"?
it does in our house anyway.
have you ever noticed that i love to alliterate?
well i do. it's just fabulous fancy fun for me. my pops loves it too.
another thing i love is excellent food. these goodies below seem to fit that bill.
it's pretty and a combination of yummy summery stuff. i would leave out the onion though.
just because my salads roll like that.
i love seafood. food on a stick makes me happy. champion blend.

must be 21 to enjoy these frozen treats. also you must be awesome,
because you love these ingredients.
cinnamon. bun. popcorn. hello, sweet love.
this looks easy to make and even easier to eat. it's also calorie free. kidding.

on a totally unrelated note:
i guest posted
about my penfriends project
danielle asked me about it and i replied "of course", or something like that.
i was freaking out inside. freaking. out.
something about writing a post for someone else,
who happens to be incredible and fancy, intimidated me.
i would rather give a speech to a stadium filled with people
than write something for another blog.
if i'm just talking, people can be filing their nails, tweeting, balancing a checkbook...
and they may just forget anything stupid i say. writing it down. someone reading it, intentionally. SCARY.
my blog, who cares, this is me. take me or leave me. another blog? freakout time.
sound crazy to you? maybe. i think it's the thought of
"ruining someone's nice things" by me posting something awfully written.
sound silly to you? me too.
that's why i just took a deep breath and banged out a little post.
danielle is so gracious and a darling bloggy friend.
what better person to ease me into a new thing!
i love how god gives strength for even the small things, like writing a little guest post.

have you done anything new lately? stretched yourself at all?


  1. oooh weee.

    look at those recipes.

    the vodka pops. um, yeah.
    i'll take two.

    the cinnamon bun popcorn.
    i may have had some of that exact batch tonight ;)

    and do you hate me for not signing up for pen friends? i'm kinda the worst on snail mail.

    i need to write my sweet compassion girl, felista.
    i have been meaning to write her for almost a YEAR.
    okay i have written her more recently than that.
    but no pictures or goodies or anything.
    {working on that currently, btw}

    i feel bad. but i feel like i shouldn't commit til i get my priorities in order.

    but i think it's gonna be quite the fun pen friend party.
    i can't wait to hear how it goes.

    promise you don't hate me? ;)

  2. Yummy food. I think you're awesome and the readers at Changing Lanes will love ya! I spoke at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and it FREAKED me out big time!

  3. how bout' we with our rowdy selves get together and try out all of the recipe's have a few of the frozen treats, and uh talk about you doin' a guest post for me. KAY!

  4. Oh man, I miss popcorn so much! (One of the things I can't eat) :-( But, as they say, I had pity for myself because I couldn't eat popcorn, until I saw the man with no mouth. I just made that one up, but you get it, right? lol. I was reading kim's comment above and I am in the same boat. I also have a compassion girl that I am not writing enough too! And a grandma that is desperate for a letter. So, if you do start the penfriend thing up, maybe you could have a monthly joining thing? Cuz that would be cool, and then I could join when I catch up on the other stuff!

  5. Leaving a comment first THEN heading over to your guest post because I know it will be super cool, like you.

    And I'll take one of those frozen peach pops ANY day! LOVE peach anything!

  6. Cinnamon bun popcorn is making me speechless right now..

  7. those recipes all look delicious!!!

  8. My husband LOVES alliteration, so it's always a fun treat when we find others that do too! Thanks for the fun moment!

    Those recipes look Amazing! :-)

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  10. You did a stupendous job (with your guest post) my friend!
    My husband likes to alliterate also & since I've started blogging I find I've caught the bug a bit myself! :)


    ??? Started blogging, but strangely enough it hasn't been all that scary for me???? Guest posting NOW that WOULD be a 'horse of a different color!'

  11. my popcorn!!!! i feel so fancy! thanks, girl! love you!

  12. great question....I have a love/hate relationship with being stretched! can't think of anything recently, but I'm not quite with you on the 'stadium full of people' thing. gulp--I would NEVER be able to do that and would way rather guest post. Add to that you are a great, sweet writer and have nothing to fret over, bloggy friend!

  13. Oh WOW! Everything looks so YUMMMM!!!!Specially the cucumber and tomatoe salad...yummy!

  14. I found your blog by accident. It's lovely! Now I can follow along and enjoy what goes on here. Writing letters has always been one of my favorite things to do. Now blogging has taken over. I print off my posts and send to Grandma and Grandpa in the nursing homes. They look forward to getting mail...who knows if they actually read it??? :)

  15. love hannah. and pretty much everything you do! you are such a sweet sis:)

  16. lol.. you're funny. You did great on the guest post! Those recipes look tasty...especially the strawberry vodka pops. With my luck, my kids would grab them before I could say "NO!"

  17. Great looking recipes! I hear you with the speaking versus reading thing. Can't only half listen when reading. But I love reading all of your blogs, your writing is always beautiful!

  18. That food is to die for!! Im coming over for lunch ahahaha!