Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pre-gaming {autumn}

you know, the party before the party.

i am wishing for autumn.
while i adore summer and all the goodness it brings, give me fall, y'all ;)
really, i must be a crazy person to be wanting such a thing.
where we live, autumn isn't exactly a long season. as in two weeks long. kidding. not really. 
i still want it to come! even if it means winter is quick to follow-because that means christmas.
and i pre-game AND post-game that. 

since i adore the autumn season so much,
you can expect to see plenty of posting about it.
the colors, the flavors,
the football, the crisp air,
and the crunchy leaves...i love it.
and i am ready.

here are a few things that caught my eye this week:

what are your favorite things about fall?


  1. I'm a fall girl too. Great ideas!

  2. I'm a summer girl but you sure are getting me excited for fall!!

  3. I am longing for fall right along with you! And those five pictures of autumnal goodness are getting me going!

  4. Me too! Me too! Me too!
    LOVE FALL! ^^

  5. Those caramel apples look de-lish! And caramel cream cheese dip? I must make that! I think I've just gained 5 pounds looking at all this goodness.

  6. girl i'd pre-game and post-game with you any day.

    you are speaking my language here.

    anything pumpkin and i'm a sucker.

    ps pretty pretty new header. love the big laugh you have going on up there. it's so cute :)

  7. I'm a fall girl for sure!!! It bugs me that in Nebraska the fall is so short... it practically goes from summer to winter. But I'm thankful for autumn weather while it's here.

    My favorite part is pulling out my comfy sweaters and sweatshirts and curling up with my family at football games! Also football Sunday is a ritual in our house.... we watch games all day if we can.

    Oh, and pumpkin ANYTHING is reason enough for me to look forward to fall. :)

  8. I only tolerate living in a state with winter simply b/c I LOVE fall!!!! I love apple picking, pumpkin bread, and the fire place going with windows opens :)

  9. Those five pictures of autumnal goodness are awesome!

  10. Ohhhhh YUM! How can you do this to me? All those lovely pictures are making me hungry! :0)
    Fall is my favorite, too. I love the changing of the leaves, the change in the air from hot to cool, the way it starts getting dark earlier...

  11. fall is my fav!

    thanks for the breath of fall air!

  12. Fall is mine, too. I don't get enough of it here! I want 3 months of 55 degrees and fall foliage!

  13. I am really beginning to think we're separated at birth! Fall is my all-time favorite everything! I have been asking my hubby for two weeks if I can go ahead and decorate yet. I'm beginning to think I just need to do it if it's going to happen before it's too late. (Maybe I will surprise him this weekend while he's at work? Haha!)

    Did you find these things on Pinterest? That's where I'm getting all my Fall ideas. How'd you get your photos into the grid like that- is it picnic or whatever it's called?

  14. Ughghg... get here soon fall!

  15. Oh girl...I am so with you.
    It's time for Fall to get here!

  16. MEEEEE TOOOO!!!!!! I love the fall-time. Everything is just so perfect...and my birthday is in the fall! :)

  17. I didn't used to like fall, and didn't like that my birthday fell in November... but, I grew into it. Now it is may favorite season and I love the rich, beautiful colors, textures, and scents. :)

  18. I need fall, too!
    And, pumpkin spice lattes are coming so soon!! Can't wait :)

  19. Ohmygosh. My favorite season in the whole wide world is fall - and October? Best month ever! I made those rustic apples a billion times over, except with chocolates swirled on them. People go crazy over them, and I'm pretty sure its just cause the stick! Haha! Love you!

  20. I'm squeezing every last drop outta summer!!!
    BUT your pictures are pretty convincing! :)

  21. umm yes please to all of these. perfection :) we're still probably at least 2.5-3 months from sad :(

  22. well, i wasn't wishing for autumn..but now i am! yummy pix.

  23. i've been wanting to comment on this post :) i have been so caught up in life and everything else i forgot that fall is right around the corner and i am a fall girl!!!

    thanks for reminding me!
    i love this post :)