Monday, August 29, 2011

my husband. my home.

do you see the photo of me and patrick in my blog header?
i really don’t like how i look in that photo. also, patrick has a goofy look on his face.
even so, i love the photo! i love it because it captured a sweet moment.
me laughing at some turkey thing my husband said or did.
he is really a champion at that. being a turkey, and making me laugh.
this is something i really love about him. he is hilarious. and he can almost keep up with my sass mouth.
not only do i talk a lot, i usually talk pretty loudly. patrick balances that out a bit. he is super quiet.
unless he knows you, you may find it hard to believe he has a talkative or funny bone in his body.
he has a very serious face. people often ask what he is angry about. must be the dark eyes and brows.
my husband gets frustrated like the rest of the human race, but he doesn’t really get angry.
me on the other hand…well, anyway, back to my husband. 
i saw this print awhile ago and was thrilled to get one for my home. it really sums up how i feel.
two years ago, we moved 1500+ miles across the country to a new place, really only knowing my sister and her husband here. sure, i miss family and friends. but i am not sick over it. never have been. i feel at home here. not because i am so in love with north dakota-i am not, by the way. not because i have become super friends with the people here, because i have not. i feel at home here, because my husband is here.
god joined us together through marriage over five years ago.
we became a family.
we became a home.
i am growing more and more grateful each day.
patrick, i love you! i'm thankful for you.
by the grace of god,
you are my provider, my protector, my lover and my best friend.
my prayer for you today is:

lord, give him strength to lead.
Only be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law that Moses my servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may have good success wherever you go.
joshua 1:7
lord, bless his work and show him daily how to honor you in his attitude and his spirit.
confirm the works of his hands to your purposes.
Let your work be shown to your servants, and your glorious power to their children. Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!
psalm 90:16-17
lord, help him to love you with all his heart, soul, mind and strength and hate evil.
you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.
mark 12:30

and just for fun, here's a photo of loud mouth me, and my sweetie. 2003 i think;)

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  1. Beautiful post. Praise God for husbands!

  2. Cute pics, and wonderful words for your hubby! Thank God for our men, huh?

    Looking forward to meeting you at Blog Sugar. I'm also a loud talker. Wonder if we should have a contest as to who can talk the loudest? ;)

    Off topic, do tell me how you manage to blog so often? I don't seem to be able to quite remember how much I love to blog except once a month or so. Alarm? String on your finger? What works? :)

  3. I love that print...and how true!

  4. Love the pic and love how you describe your love for your sweet hubby!

  5. I adore that picture! Me and my husband are kind of the same... I'm the talkative chatter box and he's more quiet. BUT, he enjoys social get togethers more than I do.

    And I love this post. It's a good thing to go back to when our husbands are being "not so lovely" ;o)

  6. super sweet and Love the story behind the photo! Husbands are the best :)

  7. I so remember that picture...the old days :) I love that you found your perfect one who completes and complements you and your personality! Two awesome friends marrying each other: doesn't get much better ! Love y'all and pray God blesses you with many years xo

  8. That print is super. Home is where my husband is too. I can totally relate to your post! We also moved halfway across the country only knowing my sister and her family here in Texas. And I feel the same way you do...I don't really get homesick because I'm with my husband and daughters and that's all I need!

  9. you guys are SO cute together! totally good looking couple :) love that print too. i just said that too to my hubby this weekend, we've started talking about moving to a bigger place and where we'd want to go.


  10. how sweet is that? love the print but love the 2003 pic more. you guys are so cute together

  11. Beautiful print! I love the idea of that... Isn't it so true, too? I can't imagine life without my hubs! Home is definitely wherever he is. And my kids, too, of course!!!

    And what a sweet prayer for your husband.

    Have a great day!

  12. oh i love that pic! i'm gonna make it for my bedroom. :) i feel the same way about my scooter.

  13. i love that is so true. i am so amazed how my husband has become the rock and true spiritual leader in our family. i don't know what i would do our if i would even stay grounded through all the trials we are going through if it were not for my husband..when i struggle he find scripture, when i'm angry he prays with me. i am blessed :) and you are too!


  14. and how! home is totally where my husband is. great post lady.
    love ya!

  15. That was beautiful! I love seeing "old" photos of couples, it's so fun to see personalities through the years! Love the quote and also love the candid photo, those are the best!

  16. LOVE this print. i think i pinned it. i think i need it. and LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEeeeee your new header. i just saw it for the first time.

  17. That's one of my favorite prints, too! I just love the prayer. What a tribute. :)

  18. So funny - I saw this print on Pinterest this weekend and thought it so perfect. I can absolutely relate to how you feel about your husband.

    Have a lovely week!

  19. what an AWESOME post! so encouraging. i needed that today! and i am totally gonna print out those prayers and start praying them every day for my hubby. love it!

  20. I enjoyed your post! My hubby is the same as Patrick- quiet until you get to know him and then everything he does say is HILARIOUS! I love when hubbies are your besties too. Makes for a wonderful life, I say.

  21. Oh my goodness girl...I love this! I want that print in my this very instant! Isn't it such a blessing to have a husband like that? Y'alls pic when y'all were youngn's is adorable too. :) I kinda have a big mouth myself so I can relate..and before the Lord called my husband to preach, he was super shy ad quiet. When he told me he felt the Lord was calling him to preach, I was like 'Wha?!? Are you sure about that Hon"? SO glad the Lord knows even more about my man than I do! ;)

  22. What a fun post! You described my husband and me to a "t" (I'm the loud-mouth, of course). :) The saying is so true. Home IS where your husband is. :)

  23. Great post!
    I hope your husband is a reader! ;)
    AND I always enjoy seeing 'old' photos of folks!
    Thanks for sharing!


  24. i have that print;)

    my boys keep saying that now daddy needs one that says "home is where your wife is"...

    love you both!

  25. I adore this post! And I love that print, it's similar to how we live our lives. As pastors, for us our home has always been where God's will is, and then it becomes home even more so because we are there together.

  26. This post is just plain adorable. I love it! And you sound a lot like me and my husband sounds a lot like yours. I think we'd all get along just fine. Cute picture too. :)

  27. What a wonderful post!! That pic of you and your husband is a classic!!

  28. Just one more reason why I totally LOVE YOU! Great post friend! xoxo

  29. I want that poster too! Great post, and fab ending photo.

  30. Agh! I love everything about this post Hannah. Gosh, that print is so true. My husband and I always say we would never want to be on this journey or doing the things we've done with anyone else but each other. Love your younger pic too.

  31. Love, love, love that print!!! And, how cute is your new header!!! I am also a LOUD talker. Yikes. Get ready!!!

  32. I have a wonderful Patrick, too... only he's the louder one. He makes me laugh all the time! I just love him! :) I'm glad your heart is wherever your Patrick is... that's the way it should be!

  33. my fiance is my encouragement as well!
    i love that you called him a turkey. my fiance and I always goof off and call each other crazy turkeys. haha y'all are soo cute!

  34. I couldn't agree with you more- home is definitely where my husband is.

  35. thanks, y'all for your sweet comments!
    god is so good! xo

  36. Wow, I got convicted reading that! I love my hubby so much- but since we have moved 3 hours away from my family it has been really hard. I know I am home because I am with him and my kids- thanks for the reminder!

  37. Love the print, and love that you delight in your husband!

    it's rare, hannah.

    and what a gift that is to your son.

    your husband sounds like he is easy going like my husband {who has a wife that is a handful}.

  38. this post is so much happy.

    and that picture of you two is so gangster! :)

    you guys sure have prepped it up ;)