Thursday, August 11, 2011

mama rose

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many people i know have close relationships with their grandmothers.
honestly i did with my grandmama, my mom's mom. she died when i was five. it devastated me.
i can't imagine how much that loss made my mama hurt, she was only 27 when grandmama died.
i spent every day with her and loved that she lived in our home.

i have another grandmother who is still living, my dad's mom.
mama rose.

i have never been super close to her. we are closer these last few years, that i am glad of.
growing up, she either lived in georgia, her home, or on and off with us. she is a character. i am a lot like her. stubborn and sassy as they come.
i do love my mama rose. i am thankful for her.
she has a thick syrup-y georgia voice. you know, low talking, slow talking southern.
mama rose really gets a kick out of re-telling me stories, mostly about when i was a kid.
good grief was i something else! her favorite story goes like this,
"hannah, do you remember when you were 'bout three, i don't know how old you were, but do you remember sitting on santa's lap at the mall? he asked you, 'little girl, what do you want for christmas?'
and you told him 'i want a gas station! and i want it TONIGHT!'"
then she laughs and laughs, and i laugh too, because it is pretty funny. i guess.
my favorite stories to hear are the ones about my dad.
now he was a hoot. he is a hoot. anyway.
although her mind is sharp as a tack, she is very frail, living with lupus and neck and back problems and a host of other ailments. she lived through the depression, was married at sixteen and had three boys. her life hasn't been an easy one. at all. over the last few years, i have sought to be an encouragement to her.
recently, my pops went to get her from living with my uncle in indiana. (my uncle isn't well and can't care for mama rose.) he brought her to maryland so he could make sure she was taken care of. my parents got her situated in a nice little home a short drive from the beach. she has great staff there, her own spacious room and good meals three times a day! praise jesus! when we visited my family last month, we were able to visit with her for a bit.
she met elijah for the very first time. it was a fun time had by all.
even though i was sweaty and hot from the day, i forced myself to take a photo with my sweet grandma. mama rose was just as thrilled as i was for the camera. heh. maybe that's where i get it from?
i am pretty sure my love of candy came from her...
and this, my friends, is how cooperative mister e.g. was for the camera. gracious. he was more interested in how her rocking chair worked and what was on her side table than giving her a hug or a photo.
at least they're in the same frame.


  1. what a blessing to have these sweet moments captured on camera! Beautiful. <3

  2. I just love this. She is quite something. That pic of her with Elijah, it too sweet.

  3. I was very close with one of my grandmas, as well. She died three years ago, and I still tear up when I think of her. Grandmothers are so wonderful! Thank God for them. They are just so full of love. How wonderful that you are getting to spend special time with Mama Rose. I am sure she is THRILLED that she gets to see her little grand-son!

  4. GLAD you got to spend the time together!
    So VERY important!!!
    The fact & you wanted a gas station cracks me up! Ha! :)


  5. I'm so glad you got to visit with her and she was able to meet your boy. I love how she's looking down at him with so much love and interest. You have mama rose's nose. Ha.
    Love Ya.

  6. i LOVE that photo. it's so sweet! i'm a fan of the not posed shots. cute. real cute. and my grandma sounds alot like her. minus the southern. she had 3 boys, too. married at 16. on a thursday. before my grandma left for the war. and they knew each other for TWO months. crazy. grandmas are CRAZY.

  7. Beautiful precious pictures :) I love those old Southern voices. We get to hear more quite often now... its just plain fun.
    Have a good week Hannah!

  8. so awesome that you still gots yourself a grandma.

    they are the best.

    so special that you got to see her on your trip.

    even more special that elijah has a great grandma. :)

    i had one when i was little too - and i always felt extra special... not everyone gets a great grandma.

    love the pictures. both of them!

  9. Mama Rose.. I like saying her name.. :) So glad you got to take these pictures.. I love them. :)

  10. My Grandma has been living with my parents for over a year now and we are blessed to spend a lot of time with her. I love hearing those same often repeated childhood stories too (mine was me crawling under the fence and getting stuck in a prairie dog hole). Each time she tells it, to her its like I've never heard it before. I love that woman, and am so thankful for the heritage she has blessed my family Mama Rose I'm sure!

  11. what a great post. grandmothers are so special! I've been reading through your adoption story and it really encouraged me to be patient and trust in the Lord's timing. nice meeting you. xoxo.

  12. what a sweet post. i never got to meet either of my grandmothers :( i had other women in my life though who served as a grandmother to me. i wish i would have gotten to spend more time with them. my prayer is that my children can experience having two incredible grandmothers { well, three including my step-mom :) }. loved hearing about mama rose. xoxo.

  13. Cherish these moments!! Having just lost my mom-in-law, I wish we had made more memories together.

  14. god is good indeed.
    thanks for loving mama rose with me:)

  15. this is a very sweet post. the pic of you with your mama rose is priceless.

    your g-ma's story is "A HOOT!"

    i was raised by my paternal g-parents until i was 6, then they shared joint custody of me with my mother. i am SO GRATEFUL for their unconditional love and consistency in my life.

    praise God for g-parents!!