Friday, August 26, 2011

insta-friday {phone photos!}

one thing i know, i need to take more photos with my phone.

as i mentioned on monday, we had three little fellas join us
for an afternoon while their parents went out.
elijah had a blast. this is a snapshot of one of the few
still moments of the day. snack and movie minute;)

and what do you know! are you seeing a pattern here?
last week was apples to apples, this week,
rudolph monopoly. for goodness sake, a mama can't even take a restroom break!
elijah practically sprints off to mischief any time i leave him for a second.

elijah has a new obsession. he must be wearing his slippers for most of the day.
not a new obsession is having his books in constant disarray.
we put shoes on for the park, as soon as we get home
he eagerly trades them for his furry bears. he wears them in his bed.
two different times this week, he woke up in the middle of the night in a terrible fit.
the problem? a slipper had fallen off.
they are hot. and i bet smelly, too. i refuse to give them a sniff.

this is the most pitiful photo i think i have ever taken of elijah.
it is also one of the most calm moments of his life.
he is sick. we've been enjoying movies and quiet fun the last couple days.
it's awful, but i am almost happy about it, it's giving me cuddle time;)

with less toddler chasing this week, i got started on my letters
that i have been intending to write.
there are still more to be written, but this is a start.
have you been meaning to write someone? get on it!

what have you been up to this week?
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  1. Poor Elijah. My little one is under the weather right now too and I'm soaking in all of the cuddles as well. :)

    I've had four envelopes addressed for the past three weeks sitting on my desk. *sigh* I got two written earlier this evening and you're encouraging me to get on with the rest.

    On a side note, please do tell what tape decoration stuff you've got goin' on with your envelopes. Love what I can see and want to copy. :)

  2. oh man. i love the photo of the four little dudes. so cute.

    he really is quite the gamer. hahaha.

    looks like a much needed rest after a spree of crazy.
    and he has is sword.
    which is probably necessary to protect you while you guys cuddle.

    PS i get to be your neighbor over at the linky party. i was kinda excited ;)

  3. I love that it was snack and movie minute, isn't that the truth! Hope Elijah is feeling better and you too!

  4. Poor little guy! But I feel bad I also "just a little" enjoy when their feeling puny because they want to just sit and cuddle and love all day!

  5. get better, elijah!
    (i hear ya on the cuddles thing, though.....gotta love all the cuddles!) happy friday, friend

  6. Ha! The slipper issue was cracking me up. I can understand the love for slippers... I'm the same way.

    The pile of letters though is the happiest picture!!!! I'm going to write our sponsored kiddo in Haiti today AND my Grandma. :o) Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. praying for elijah ... and lovin' the new look of your blog the necklace you're wearing in your opening pic too!

  8. boyz are busy so, when my dudes are sick i am thankful for my cuddle time and a reason to slow down or just stop. it's bitter sweet. i hope he feels better soon! poor little love.
    Kisses and Hugs.

  9. Poor lil guy! I agree on the pitifulness of that picture!

    Glad you are squeezing in some snuggle time!!! ;)

    AND hope today is BETTER???


  10. I hope Elijah is feeling better...poor guy. Having sick kids is so hard on the Mama, but yes, the cuddle time is always nice.
    And the slipper obsession is hilarious. Kids are so funny!

  11. Amazing that you were able to get all those boys to sit still for a minute. You need to buy the monopoly with the credit cards. No more money scattered all over our house. Such a blessing.

  12. Oh he looks so sad! That is definitely pitiful.

    I think it's awesome that you write letters. I so often THINK about it, but rarely put pen to paper.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I'm so selfish-if I want more comments, I'd better start leaving more too huh?? Love your blog and hearing what you've been up to-I really need to check out the farmers market! LOVE love your recent family header pics!!