Thursday, August 18, 2011

insta-friday {phone photos!}

last weekend, elijah and i enjoyed the sunshine after many days of on and off storms.
they call those "spotty storms", you know. the farmers' market was full of colorful produce at their usual amazing prices. we purchased our customary pounds of ground {grass fed} angus beef, and got a few other things to enjoy. elijah ate an entire cucumber that afternoon. the kid will even beg me for squash. while i am slicing it. he wants it raw. weirdo. anyway, i made a simple pasta salad with some of our produce haul. in the brief time that the noodles boiled and veggies were prepared to toss in with dressing...elijah tore the living room apart. picking up a million apples to apples cards is a lot harder than you may think. i don't fault him really. i mean the box clearly states "party box". he partied for sure.

i'm loving my zephaniah 3:17 print from naptime diaries.
the verse is in the new international version,
which i don't hold against it:

The Lord your God is with you,
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with singing.
jessi is a peach and even does custom colors.
to match your bath towels.

the other night, i met a friend for coffee. i also ordered a petite carrot cake. because i want to be petite.
that adorable coffee sleeve? it's a gift from my friend marie. she makes pretty things for you to buy.
at home, i've been keepin' it fresh with my new tupperware fridge smart containers. oh yeah. i am all about the awesomeness that is tupperware. this nifty system keeps things just right. for like months. kidding, way longer than you'd ever keep them other ways though. 

one of my favorite things is to watch elijah run for the park.
he is so excited and so cute. he kinda runs funny though. i hope he always does-precious.
time is just moving too quickly. it really feels like only a month ago i was dying for him to stand up on his own, or feed himself. now he's running toward the park, and waiting on his slow mama to catch up.

wow, i really have a lot to be thankful for.
praise jesus.

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  1. your pasta looks YUMMY! i love veggies.

    i want to be petite too. does ordering petite work?? i'll quit shredding with jillian michael's and eat petite if so. :-)

  2. Ha! I think like that too! Order small...unless ya' wanna be Super Sized...then order that. ;)

    We've been partying it up with many a family game of Apples to Apples this week!!! ;)

    Hope your week is going well???


  3. Pretty week.That simple pasta salad looks delish...
    Your print matching your towels is very pretty too.

  4. Just did my first instafriday!

    I love that coffee cozy - so cute. And the cupcake looks good, too :)

  5. I want to be petite too, but I would really want a big slice of carrot cake. Yum!

  6. yum, all those great summer veggies look so good! I love your zephaniah print too. Everytime I hear "mighty to save" it makes me think of the Hillsong song that I've played for worship so many times! Good song.

  7. awww, thanks for using the coffee sleeve:)

    great week! wish i could get half of the goodies you get at your farmers market here!!

    love ya

  8. i love your picture as well! so so cute!

  9. Now I want some pasta! :o)

    And Apples to Apples is one of our favorite games to play as a family. It drives my husband crazy though when we pick the funniest noun for the description. (so I do it on purpose)

  10. i could comment on every picture, but my comment would be as long as your post :) so instead i will just say that you are so cute. i love your thoughts and your photos. and sweet elijah...what a precious boy. xoxo friend. happy friday!

  11. i love spotty storms, they make for graet cloud pictures :)


  12. Love the verse, very uplifting. The pasta and veg look yummy.

  13. LOVE zeph 3 :)
    that sweet lil cupcake looks super yummy!
    we have that party version, too....that's a lot of cards, my friend!!

  14. I love apples to apples! What a fun game!

  15. i love apples to apples!

    and i want all that food.

  16. Haha! That exact same scenario with the Apples to Apples game happened here a few weeks ago. I probably wasn't as nice about it as you were. Of course, did your kid try to eat some of the cards? Just wondering. . .
    First time here at your blog. thanks for the smiles!

  17. love that print! may have to have one for me :)

  18. this post has me LAUGH-ING.

    Party in a box. Get it Elijah.

    Your pasta salad looks SO good. When I come visit, you can make it for me, okay?

    And I totally meant to give Marie a shout out in my post this week too (finally remembered to use my coffee sleeve) - just edited and added it to my post #copycathere

  19. I have had to pick up the ENTIRE box of apples to apples! LOL there's got to be a million cards in that thing!

    Great pictures!

  20. You are funny my dear. I'm likin you more and more ;) And seriously? that stinken cupcake was like a bite. I hope you got a second one. sheesh.

  21. Happy week to you!
    Your bath towels make me smile. I stare at them each time I go to target. Don't need them, but really want them.
    Now extra really want them....

  22. I just bought that produce tupperwear! Do you like it?

    I love Zeph 3:17 - what a great reminder to hang up in your home.

  23. yum ... the pasta salad and that lil' cupcake just made my mouth water!

  24. who i may have to place a copycat order for that naptime diaries print! and i'm digging the tupperware!