Monday, August 22, 2011

hello, {random} monday!

another monday? i can't get over how true it is, that time flies when you get older.
for the last five years, i feel like a week is a mere twenty-four hours long.
i haven't been feeling the greatest. elijah has been feeling wonderful.
he seems to have even more energy than normal.
yesterday, some friends went out for awhile and we watched their three boys.
having four boys in our house feels no different than having only one.
mainly because our usual one is elijah. who happens to feel like having four boys.
they played and played, watched a little movie, had a little snack.
i didn't have any fun drinks, water was a huge hit though.
the stripey cups and stripey straws helped :)

hello, fresh, new week.
hello, list. i will be focusing on you a lot.
hello, hymnbook. we'll be using you a lot for music this week!
hello, abundance of fresh vegetables. so thankful for you and will enjoy you with every meal!
hello, new postage stamps. now that i have you i can mail some letters.

hello, elijah. you are my favorite little person.
i love you and am praying i'll be a delight to your heart this week.
thanks, linnea, for the photo:)


  1. That photo is so adorable! You two look like you are having so much fun (except Elijah looks a little baffled) haha.

  2. he is a cutie, that's for sure! Boys always keep things interesting! :)

  3. Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well! :(
    That nicklace is really pretty on you & your sis takes some good pictures!

    Praying today is a WONDERFUL day for you! :)

  4. happy happy monday to you too.
    this post makes ME happy.

    rock your list girl.
    it's such a fun one.

    and what is going on with these beautiful pictures you are only giving us little snippets of?


    so so SO pretty.

    your sister is talented.

    but i think she has some fab models to be working with. ;)

  5. gracejbs@comcast.netAugust 22, 2011 at 12:15 PM

    love You!


  6. Ahhhh he is so cute. And I love your new profile pic! I can see more of who you are. And you are a cutie for sure.

  7. That picture of you two got me all teary eyed.. the expression on his face and the excitement on yours is precious!

    But then I saw the comment from your dad and truly lost it. What a sweet father you have!

  8. hannah i love these pictures! what a great happy family! love you guys! -hannah t

  9. Hi Hannah! Love the photos; I want more! Elijah is ADORABLE!

    I love your list! I just turned 31 and wish I'd had one. Maybe I'll do it for 32. Don't you still feel inside about 21 or so? Time does fly, that's for sure.

  10. Cute pics! And I'm loving all the new looks on the blog.
    Love from,

  11. love the new pics on the blog. you are super cute! what a fun list to conquer :)

  12. Love these photos! And the new header! Have a fabulous Monday!

  13. Hey, Hannah! Hope you are feeling better!! Love the pictures!

  14. Love the new header, hannah. And that pic of you and your special guy is way too cute.

  15. oh my goodness, I love that last picture of you two! It's precious :)

  16. 1. i love your blogs new look
    2. you are beautiful
    3. boys are awesome
    4. i think i'm going to steal your prayer. i want to be a delight to my boys' hearts.
    love you

  17. oh this is precious! you and little elijah are too cute :)

  18. AAAAAHHHH!!!! I just stopped by your blog and I got to see YOU!! I love the new look and I love seeing your sweet smiling face - I love you cuz! And I guess the men in your life are kind of cute too... :)

  19. Hello fresh new blog look. FUN!
    Hope you feel great soon!

  20. cute, cute! Your blog is looking prettier every time I see it! Hope you start to feel better ASAP!

  21. Loving the blog!!
    And I love the way you two are
    looking at each other.
    So sweet.


  22. Oh my goodness! I'm loving all the new pics, especially the one of Elijah looking at you. So sweet.

  23. It's always a different adventure with kids haa:)

  24. LOVE. that is all. LOVE LOVE LOVE. and i missed you.