Saturday, August 27, 2011

handmade. holla.

when i need a gift, i love to buy handmade.
i am totally a loyal customer of many manufactured brands.
BUT seeking out unique handmade treats is something i enjoy doing as often as possible!
artists who imagine and then create things with their sweet hands.
so fancy.
it's an honor to support these shops.
for home decor, gifts, jewelry-everything!
there are loads of beautiful shops filled with the handiwork of darling, talented folks.

i saw jami's post the other day and immediately decided to copy her.
pretty sure she won't mind at all ;)
speaking of jami, did you know she has a shop?
i love her sweet handmade cards. go take a look!

now, i've rounded up some goodies for you!
these are a few of the shops that i'm loving right now:
1. alyss mckell r o o t s this "little village" is simple and adorable.
2. sweet harvey coffee tea towel, two fave things in one item!
3. little bit funky scripture hoop art. happy and true.
4. made by michelle brusegaard enclosure cards. my go-to for all of my packages

5. found by marie chevron clutch. marie's work is made to last. love. it. all. and i adore her!!
6. the pink ruffle i ordered this very headband for my niece. i nearly died from the cute attack.
7. deer in a bottle tara just opened her shop and i want every piece!
8. nel designs liz has a flair for simple, classic designs. also she is awesome.
9. heather's happys free shipping right now on the super sweet pretties in heather's shop.
and one more!
we just purchased a special little t-shirt for elijah. it. is. cute.
love and her family are waiting now to adopt their two precious boys.
every purchase from her shop helps them pay for the boys' journey home!
what a beautiful thing to be a part of! she has items for babies to adult-check it out!

there you have it.
this little list is plenty to get you started on your christmas shopping. less than four months, people.
or those birthdays that are around the corner. or for just a little happie to brighten the day of a friend.
OR maybe you have a little treat money burning a hole in your wallet?
go check out these shops!

what shops have caught your eye lately? please share!!


  1. Love how you are so thoughtful and love sharing and promoting other's hard work and talent.

  2. Christmas list indeed! Thanks for the support Hannah. You rock. :)

  3. I love seeing what others favorites are on Etsy!!! That's how I find most of the things I buy on Etsy (from seeing someone mention them). I wish I had all day to surf Etsy myself. Thank goodness others share their favorites with me. :) Thanks!

  4. I agree with Katie!
    You are a SWEETHEART!


    *Oh...I did ck out the yummy necklace ;) site...WOW! Fun stuff!

  5. I love that red necklace with the white rosette! A friend showed me that shop just the other day & that was my favorite item.

  6. Handmade really is the best, isn't it? : ) I love how you are supporting all of these people!

  7. so much pretty going on up in here!

    marie's clutches are the BEST :)

  8. And PS you make me want to buy everything!