Tuesday, August 09, 2011

give thanks

on sunday i began reading through thessalonians. i finished 1 thessalonians this morning.
i also "happen" to be re-reading a little book i love, by elisabeth elliot.
today's section was on thanksgiving. 
a scripture verse in my  reading was 1 thessalonians 5:18.
"give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is the will of god in christ jesus for you."

and elisabeth elliot writes:
"the scriptures have a way of covering all the possibilities. our bad luck can be transformed if we do one simple thing: "give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of god in christ jesus for you." that is what the bible says. we could not ask for a clearer statement. the circumstances may not look even remotely like the will of god, but to give thanks in (not necessarily for) them is the will of god. that much we can do."

a reminder i needed this morning. every day.
in the small, annoying or tiresome things. give thanks.
a sleepless child, laundry that overwhelms, coffee stains on your new favorite shirt.
and in the hard medical diagnosis, the home foreclosure, the barren womb.

be encouraged today. give thanks with me!
for every thing god has brought to our door.
for when he brings us to it, he will bring us through it. he is faithful.

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  1. What an encouraging post. So true. Gratitude is a choice, isn't it! Loved this. Thank you for the much needed perspective today!

  2. Yes. It's lifes challenges that forge us. Refine us. Shape us into who we are. And if we choose to be thankful in them what a beautiful picture of testimony it is to the glory & power of Christ!

    Love you sweet Hannah!

  3. It's nice to be reminded of this...thanks for sharing! :-)


  4. Yes! Give thanks in the storms. Love it.

  5. oh i love the quote. i hadn't heard it before but i love elisabeth elliot :) thanks for sharing friend. so thankful for you today :)

  6. love this. our greatest weapon is thankfulness and praise! :)
    thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    following you now on here and twitter!


  7. You are so right... if we can just praise Him through the storms_ the valleys_ and while on the hill.. a heart of thankfulness. thank you, Hanna..:)

  8. love this. you are so sweet and a beautiful woman of God!! <3

  9. amen x 7,893. LOVE 1 thessalonians. LOVE liz. LOVE you.

  10. thank you hannah. needed a bit of calm in my morning.

  11. Thank you Hannah! Great post and reminder :)

  12. I am so thankful for you. You are such a ray of sunshine. I love love LOVE this post.

  13. i love elisabeth elliot, but i am not familiar with this book. i will have to check it out.
    this was an excellent post. something i need to be reminded of everyday.

  14. thanks hannah.

    i may be a 'cup is half full' girl, but you are always a 'cup runneth over girl'!

  15. giving thanks for YOU and this sweet post. i love how EE emphasizes give thanks IN (and not necessarily FOR) He is faithful indeed, friend!!

  16. i will be giving thanks all day sister!!!
    loves ya,

  17. Love this :) It is SO important to give thanks no matter what!

  18. Beautiful words! You are so inspiring :)

  19. amen and amen! great post :)

    thank you for this reminder and encouragement!

  20. As always right from your heart to the hearts of your readers. Beautiful!

  21. I love how you tie scripture into all of your blog posts. Or, should I re-phrase that to say, I love how all your blog posts are centered on scripture! :0) It is definitely hard to give thanks in all situations, but it's so necessary to do so and to be content in the life God has given us!

  22. I needed to read this this morning.
    You have a way with words, friend.

    Thank you!


    {and we missed you in
    paris last night...}

  23. the in/for differential sometimes trips me up.

    thankful for this wisdom today, and for you. you're a treasure, hannah.

  24. So good...it's funny because I was just thinking about Elizabeth Elliot during my quiet time today...but I haven't read one of her books for years - going to have to see if I have this one. Thank you much for the encouragement!

  25. Elisabeth Eliot is one of my faves. I see you are going to Blog Sugar. Me too. :) See you there.