Monday, August 15, 2011


happy monday!
how was your weekend? ours was quick. i've requested a rewind, so far no dice.
the sun was shining and the farmers' market was brimming with produce and funny people to watch.
after church yesterday our little family enjoyed an afternoon at a favorite park.
elijah took  f o r e v e r  falling asleep last night. i have not requested a re-do on that.

so, here we be. a fresh new week. how about a five-o-rite post?!
as summer is nearing its end, i thought i'd share a few delicious looking things to cheer us up!
i think this would even make a great breakfast, don't you ;)
for several years as i was growing up, a sweet farmer friend, mr. reuben, would bring us buckets and buckets of peaches. that was near heaven. actual heaven came on hot and sticky mississippi nights, at mr. reuben's house. he'd call us to come over, we'd walk down the dark little street as a family. once at the quaint home, we'd pig out on the most amazing homemade peach ice cream and talk and laugh with reuben and "aunt" helen. sometimes their grandsons would be there to play with. these memories of summer are some of my favorites.  
fresh corn, tomato, arugula. amen. 
now, i usually don't trust baked fries. but these look like they'd make me pretty happy.
zucchini is one of my favorite things god created. my mama had a larger than life harvest one year.
she kept serving us pies, cobblers and whatever. chuckling all the while.
what we thought were apples and peaches were zucchini! who knew?!
my mama is one silly, sneaky lady.
have you ever been surprised by zucchini?
oh wait, maybe blackberries are my favorite thing god made.
a simple treat i love is fresh blackberries in a shallow pool of whole milk with sugar sprinkled on.
these bars look tasty for sure!

what favorite finds have crossed your path lately?


  1. that baked zuccini looks amazing! I usually don't trust "baked" either. And the strawberry tart?! YUMMY!
    Love you!!! You are one of my favorite things ;)

  2. Nice to see corn fritters on your list! Most people I know think 'pan cakes w/ corn' sounds strange.
    In answer to your question? I'd have to say enjoying the awesome beauty of creation is pretty good! Yep! For sure!! ;)


  3. i pinned those bars!!! they look DELISH. but i'm thinking of trying cherries. blackberries are not my favorite thing that God made. sorry. maybe north dakota has better ones? ours are always really tart. boo.

  4. Let's face it - it's all about the photography. Cuz I would not normally be interested in a lot of that stuff. But the pics make it look all good.

  5. your list just kept getting better and better....

    strawberry tart. yep.
    vanilla SCENTED peaches and ice cream. DEFINITELY.
    corn fritters. no doubt.
    zucchini fries. obviously.

    and then blackberry pie bars...ehhh. no thanks. :)

    but i'll take the rest. two of each please.

  6. You are speaking my language. All those look awesome - definitely trying the zucchini fries!

  7. sounds divine! even better if i can just show up at mr. reuben's and have it all:)

    love you

  8. Oh my...those corn fritters look oh-so-tasty!! :-)

  9. yes please to all of these. i will be referencing this post again because these all look delicious! xoxo!

  10. I had homemade peach ice cream this summer while visiting my aunt and uncle. It. was. incredible!

    The corn fritters I could eat until I was sick. In fact, I probably would eat them until I got sick. ;o)

  11. "Yes please, to ALL of them."

  12. I made the most amazing chocolate cupcakes, stuffed with peanut butter frosting and topped with more peanut butter frosting and hot fudge sauce. Oh my goodness!!! They are incredible. I will post about it soon.


  13. this food looks AMAZING! The peaches and baked zucchini fries are calling my name. I hope I can start eating again soon!

  14. Oh my I really should not have looked at this post while I am starving. Really making me wish it was like on Star Trek where they can tell the ship to make food and it comes out of that window thing... lol sorry, longest and worst description ever