Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a few things {wilw}

i will probably have a new five-o-rite to share soon.
but, i thought the what i love wednesday train would be fun to catch today.
ez at creature comforts has a new series!
it's a collection of "favorite finds under $30".
this is her first set. i am in love with it. go check it out!
gift shopping made easy, folks.
is she super wonderful or what?

i drink my coffee black. i do enjoy a good flavored coffee at times.
i discovered this at the grocery store. and? it. is. delicious!
of the flavors i've tried, this is my fave.
speaking of coffee. i adore mugs.
kim is hosting a "mug swap" to celebrate her blogiversary.
(and by the way, how do you spell blog anniversary anyway?)
hop on over and join the par-tay.
this snack station idea isn't necessarily new, but it is a good one.
we try to keep things easily accessible in our fridge. this makes it even better!
what snacks would fill your station?

one last thing, have you entered my little giveaway?
i'll be choosing a winner tonight!
happy wednesday!



  1. Is it bad to admit that I'm way too lazy to put together a snack station for my kids. Maybe if I just had one, but to put together something like that with kids who each have different preference would be c-r-a-z-y! Love the color combo going on in the first set of pics!!

  2. Yellow is my favorite color! I nerd that coffee! Love the snack idea!

  3. That snack station is cute! I have a friend who just makes sure only healthy stuff is on the reachable shelves in the fridge and cupboards, since her little one likes to 'help herself'!! ;)

  4. Love, love, LOVE the coffee choice, friend! :) Yumm. xo

  5. LOVE the colors in the first pic! And that Healthy Snack Station idea is a GOOD one even for us Big Kids! :)



    olives & string cheese for sure!!!

  6. i had to reread that 5 times. thought it was a WIWW post. i'm thinking: "you wore coffee??" i'm a little tired. SOOOO fun to hear your voice yesterday. sorry we ambushed you. xxoo

  7. I love the snack station and the gifts under 30 oh and the mug swap... agh, i love it all. :)

  8. HANNAH!

    LOVING those favorite finds.

    guess what - i bought that dark teal bowl at anthro this weekend. in regular and small.

    i also bought this gorgeous plum colored one too.

    my collection is growing.
    and i hardly ever use bowls.
    it's bad.

    thanks for the linky lovin. and your mug-swap-support you are the BEST.

    ditto what jessica said. it was so fun to hear your voice.

    for the record - you sounded north-dakotan on the phone. but your voicemail was PURE mississippi girl.

    you are hilarious!

  9. LOVE the snack station - my kind of OCD-ish thing I would love:)
    Following you back - thanks for checkin' me out!

  10. I love those little coin purses in the first collage and the mini bowls under them. I have some of those bowls from Anthro and I use them all of the time. Super cute!

  11. Nice color choices in the first photo, and I love that snack station. I corral every type of food in my refrigerator too. It is so much easier and nothing gets lost.

  12. These are wonderful things! Good picks Hannah!

  13. All gorgeous finds. LOVE the idea of that snack bin. Will definitely be using that idea soon. New follower from WILW.

  14. teal and butter. i think i'm in love.

    my Ideal Snack Bin would have hummus and sweet peppers, olives, edamame, grape tomatoes, almonds, and i think i'll cut my list short since i'm now salivating in an out-of-control fashion.

    my Actual Snack Bin has strawberries, grapes, carrots, cucumbers, bananas, pretzels, popcorn, and yogurt.

  15. Thanks for your comment! I love flavoured coffee, too, and am definitley going to check out the mug swap!

  16. I love that first photo - those colors are gorgeous together! :)

  17. i am currently in love with all things yellow and turquoise. i'm loving that collection too!

  18. I really love those yellow bowls! That snack station is a really great idea!


  19. thanks for stopping by, y'all!
    so glad you love these fun finds, too!