Tuesday, August 02, 2011

beach bits

we weren't able to spend very much time at the beach on our vacation.
no big deal, i guess. i think the bit of time we had was enough.
breathing the salty air as we strolled down the beaten boardwalk felt wonderful.
the smell of fresh caramel corn and pretzels, making me hungry even though i'd just eaten.
kids scampering by with tangled wet hair heading for the amusement rides.
flashing lights and ringing bells from the arcades on every other block.
body piercing shops, hermit crab shops and a kite loft all bustling with sunburned visitors.

hearing elijah giggle at the seagulls, 
huge waffle cones dripping with frozen custard
and a bucket of thrasher's fries made it just right.

linked up with fabulous darcy. the fry photo. obviously my fave.
Sweet Shot Day


  1. great it's 12:45 a.m. everyone in my house is asleep, and now i want french fries. do you think they'd notice if i snuck out real quick. hee.hee.

  2. well check out your photog skills. Nice job lady!

  3. The fry pic is my fave too...and is making me hungry at 7:47 am. ...drooling...

  4. Looks to me like your blog design's not ALL you're changing up? ;)
    Nice Pic's!


    Thanks of the add ~ I saw you pop up as a ref url this AM :)

  5. These are some really great pictures! You go girl. :)

  6. Oh the frozen custard...only had it once in North Carolin a but is was delish...why doesn't someone bring that stuff to Cali?

  7. Great shots! Makes me long to be back at the Oregon coast where we spent part of our summer holidays... :)

  8. i have to know where this beach is!! it looks so familiar!

  9. what a wonderful time! your pics are so good and i feel like i am right there when i see them. I love that salty ocean air!! I actually crave it at times.

  10. oooo eeee.

    i can just SMELL the sandy shore through your pictures.

    you had me there.
    a little mini vacay
    on this tuesday morning.

    thanks hannah!

  11. Yep, I really want those fries NOW!!! Except I would have to ketchup which is outlawed at Thrashers.

  12. um yes. I want to dig my hand into that cup o fries. Thanks for stopping by too :)

  13. Yum they are all great food shots, love the umbrella shot too. Now I want a french fry!

  14. cute blog! i love the background. :)

    PS. your kids are cuties, too!

  15. i feel like i just commented that i want french fries after reading another post of yours. or was it candy buttons? you are making me fat, hannah singer. LOVE your beach pics!!

  16. The fries look so yummy! Love all your pics from your trip. :-)

  17. Awesome photos! So bright & beautiful!

  18. I love that beach photo...it's oh so pretty.
    p.s. I'm loving the new look and button! You're gonna have to teach me your tricks. :)

  19. i have no self-control when it comes to fries.

    great pix!

  20. Love it! The beach is my favorite place ever!

  21. thanks, everyone!
    your kind comments really make me smile!
    (and make me feel less of a dummy as i learn my camera!)


  22. oops, i feel like i just absent-mindedly walked into the ladies room. sorry.