Friday, July 29, 2011

insta-friday {and, hello!}

hello there!
great to be HOME.
even better to be blogging.
for real.
i bet y'all are glad to see something besides
those silly candy buttons from last tuesday! ha!

there have been many blog worthy happenings
these last several days.
i'm so eager to share, as i have time.

rewinding a bit, i feel like i should apologize.
pretty sure i broke some type of blog rule, leaving this space with no explanation. please forgive me. i guess i felt weird announcing to the internet that i would be away from my home for eleven days. oddly, i talked about vacation a bit on twitter, how that is different is beyond me. i don't need to make sense, do i? anyway, moving on!

who wants to see a few peeks
into our trip-in no particular order-via my trusty android phone!?
our darling friends josh & liz took us to a
dynamite gelato spot in philadelphia.
oh. my. goodness. from now on,
any time i see one of these shops, i am stopping.
for jamaican coffee gelato. and maybe madagascar vanilla.
and maybe red grape, too.
it was delicious!
elijah watching toy story 3 on the plane.
how cute is he?
not much. he was awful on most of this flight.
ok, if you visit ocean city, maryland,
you must also visit thrasher's for fries.
they only sell fries and cokes.
you may find there is over a half hour wait in line.
get in line, it will be worth every minute.
order a large bucket, or you'll just need to wait in line again.
these fries are amazing.
two cousins sittin' on grandma cindy's sofa,
eating animal crackers and watching winnie the pooh.
when we moved away from maryland, krue was elijah's age!
he is such a little man now!!
also, elijah looks angry in this photo,
but i think he was actually quite happy at the time:)

elijah thoroughly enjoyed people watching
in the hotel lobby in phliadelphia.
we were thrilled with our hotel choice...
especially since our minneapolis one was a huge disappointment!
on our way home yesterday, we stopped into the mall of america to browse and have lunch.
we thought the rainforest cafe would be a super fun option for elijah. he loved the creatures and merchandise, he tried on this funny hat and said a big hello to the gator. we picked out a silly straw, with a gator on it, of course, and a fun drinking cup. our name was called for dining, we headed into the gorilla section and took our seats. all was well, elijah loved the gorillas everytime they did their thing. up until they were accompanied by a thunderstorm. uh, cue freaking out toddler. who knew he was scared of storms? not us! pretty sure it was the gorillas who made it extra scary. good grief. all of this went south after we ordered our food, of course. no problem, patrick got it all boxed up and we ate our rainforest cafe meal in the food court, overlooking the lego store:)
more cousin time at grandma cindy's! nothing like backyard water play. elijah mainly just ran and jumped and bounced balls of the kids' heads. tons o' fun. hudson and krue enjoyed the kiddie pool with elijah. bright preferred the blanket, i think :)
rainbow lights at the airport. we were all impressed.


our shuttle picked us up late monday night.
on the way to get our car, elijah caught up on all the news.

life rearranged
linked up with the fabulous jeannett!!


  1. Is he reading the paper upside down? LOVE it! So glad you had got home safely and look forward to hearing more about the vacation!

  2. Looks like you had a busy but super fun time. Nothing like spending time with cousins and family together. :)

  3. Large bucket of fries please, those rainbow lights are impressive and I'm soooo glad you are back. It's ok to say you are on vacation on twitter because we are all completely trustworthy! ;)

  4. ohmygoodness.
    this post is hilarious.

    the filter you used on all of your pictures had me thinking everything looked cross stitched (its on my brain lately) haha.

    your niece and nephews names are adorable. is the little girl named bright? if so, i LOVE it. kinda want to steal.

    and dude, rainforest is kinda scary for me.

    holding still animals all of the sudden moving, with loud noises?
    i don't blame the guy :)

    but you are fun for getting him the gator straw. for sure.

    and that pool looks FUN. some years we'd just have the inflatable pool. but on the years we were "rich" we'd go big with that kind. Totally my fav.

  5. Holla! Okay...I have never in my life used that word before. Some how it seemed appropriate!
    So. Holla! Android Phone! I have one too!

    Glad to have ya' back Girlie!

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. I wondered where you went! Welcome Back. Love cousin time. It is so special. Also, glad your kiddos liked rainforest cafe. Try going in thinking it would be the best time for your 5 year old only to have him covering his ears and eyes the whole time. Fun ;)

  7. I love these photos, Hannah! I can't wait to hear all about the fun time the next time we chat. Maybe we'll see you at the Farmer's Market tomorrow! xo

  8. Oh! it was so way too nice to see you all! i wish we had had more time, but it was so great to give you a hug!!!

    i hope it isn't another 2 years...

  9. can't believe you're gone again, sweet friend. At least I got one last chance encounter!!

  10. Look-I KNOW how good Thrasher's is but you advertized them so well I think I need to go get some!
    Love the newspaper pic! Hilarious! So glad you got to get home to your fam and for Elijah to get some cousin time! Good to see you all!

  11. I missed you!!! And now I want French fries. Glad you had a fun trip! Flights only get better, btw. SO hard at this age. Welcome home!! xxoo

  12. Love the newspaper funny! I'm so glad you had a fun vacation. We had a similar Rain Forest Cafe experience. It is funny when you look back a few years later.

  13. I've been thinking about you the last couple of days and hoping everything was good with you...looks like it was. I really want some gelato now! I'm so glad you're back to blogging. :)

  14. wow! you covered so much territory on your trip.

    love insta-friday.

  15. It was amazing to see you!!! Miss you already