Wednesday, July 06, 2011

have i mentioned

my sister took this photo at the fair.
my fun tennis shoes
(which is another thing i can't say, i say 'tennuh shoes')
and my favorite tattoo.
i think i may be the only person i know
who doesn't have photos(until now) of their inked art.
have i mentioned that i have three tattoos?
or that
in addition to eyes, i am afraid of knives.
this can pose a problem in the cooking department.
i carry no less than three lip glosses in my purse at all times.
i drink my coffee black. usually a pot at a time.
rosemary? i'm allergic to it.
i cried the entire time i wrote out elijah's adoption story.
my ring size is the same as my husband's.
i'm hypothyroid. as in, my thyroid does not function at all.
i usually drink more than a gallon of water every day.
the psalms are my favorite scriptures.
no matter what else i am reading, i read psalms almost every single day.
today is the 6th, so i read psalm 6, 36, 66, 96, 126...
children's books are my fave.
my blog is named after my very favorite one.
my bed absolutely must be made unless i am not in it.
sometimes i buy something only because it is beautifully packaged.

hey, that was fun, blabbing those things to you.
your turn!


  1. Hannah, you crack me up. I love your random bits about yourself. I am a sucker for pretty packaging too.

  2. you are so fun. i'm diggin' how you read the psalms. LOVE it! having thyroidism stinks. i am borderline hyperthyroid. YUCK, my adrenaline gets triggered really easily and it makes me crazy.

  3. i'm glad i took that picture of you and your cute foot/ankle.

    i can't imagine drinking coffee black!!

    but i guess i like my coke icees with no sugar or cream so i can see what you mean.

    and i guess i know you pretty well because i knew all of those things!!!

    love ya.

    -lil sissay

  4. um. i kinda love this post.

    can you do more?

    i seriously love your shoes. so cute.
    thanks for the psalms info. i have been doing it for over a month and a half now. and i LOVE it. i don't think i'll ever stop. and i always smile b/c i know you are reading them too!

    black coffee? you are brave.

    and i almost never make my bed.
    but i am SO happy when i do.
    and i always sleep better if its made. ALWAYS.

  5. Our anniversary is the 23rd of this month, and we are thinking about getting commemorative tattoos. I need to know, how painful is it, on a scale of 1 to 10 claps. Clap it out.

  6. laura-depending where you get them, as few as two claps:) if you are worried about pain, choose an area with some skin(maybe the shoulder area, or upper ankle like my shamrock) i actually enjoyed getting them. but that was so long ago, i could remember that poorly:)

    and wait-i thought y'all were married on the 26th?


  7. I love reading the things you have to share, Hannah! Thank you for EVERYTHING! I really appreciate talking to you and getting advice and hearing your heart!

    PS: Black coffee is the only way to go. :)

  8. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! It IS the 26th - that is awesome!!!! 7/26/03 - I am the biggest nerd of all times. Please don't let this leak...

  9. Okay...I followed 'the yellow link road' to your AMAZING testimony! Wow!!! God is Good! How GREAT is it that you can now use this to help others?!
    And Hannah Rose...that's gotta be one of the most beautiful names eva! ;)

  10. i love blabbing posts! so good to get to know the ins and outs of YOU!

  11. I like the blabbing post. It's fun getting to know you that way. Love the tattoo too. I've finally decided on my first one and I think I'll have it by the end of summer. I'm nervous and excited. Yikes!

  12. What a great way to read the psalms! I wish I had that feeling about making my bed. And I too carry several lipglosses at all times.

  13. Hannah... I LOVE Psalms too! Today I read 36. I read only one though, but do match it to the day. I will think of you often as I read.
    I don't have any ink, but my husband and I are considering getting our wedding bands done. "Beloved"in Hebrew. My hands swell so much with babies and heat. I don't even wear my ring anymore. I wear an opal one we got in Hawaii for our 10 year. Anyways.. i am rambling now!

  14. I love your blabbing!! (3 tats?!) I am astonished!!! Have a fun weekend, friend1

  15. Oh goodness I just read Elijah's adoption story and cried all the way through xo What a sweet boy!

  16. Love this! And I adore tattoos (good tattoos). I have one, on my back between my shoulder blades. I really want to add to it as it seems too small for the area... but for now it remains as a single tattoo.

    And I drink my coffee black too, but the pot. ;o)

    I wish I could say I read scripture like you do, but I don't. And I still have not figured out why... or what will get me in that habit again. Oh how I miss my days of Bible study and devotion. But that's a whole other story.

    Oh, and I never make my bed. Never. I don't even know why I bought pretty bedding. I'm kind of a slob when it comes to my bed. Maybe that's why no one wants to room with me at Blog Sugar! LOL!!!

  17. What lovely tidbits you shared about yourself!!!
    I am curious to know what your other tattoos are! Maybe take some pics of those too ;) I have only one, I want to get another...planning it out. Coming from the woman who was *never* going to have tattoos. Hmmmmm "Never say never" at it's finest :)

    I love Psalms too!

  18. Lovin' the random facts.
    But if you drink that much coffee and water you left out a random fact: you must spend a lot of time in the bathroom :)

  19. HA! yes, wendy. i visit every half hour. LOL
    and another fact: i am a crazy person. obviously.

  20. So cool to learn these things of you take a med for the thyroid issue? sorry you suffer with that i hope it is manageable...

    i love your tattoo!!!