Friday, July 01, 2011


this five-o-rite is once again, brought to you
by summer's finest. in my opinion at least.
of course, nobody could ever really
wrap up every single treat summer holds
in a little old blog feature.
but these are some finds i'm diggin' this summer!

does this photo shout "fun" or what?!
makes a smile spread wide across my face.
i am a total sucker for the crazy carnival rides,
with their flashy lights and happy colors.
i hope i never outgrow them!

is beautiful and i want one.
so fun and vibrant.
i hate how most dresses look on me right now.
i'm working toward being in better health and shape.
a sweet dress will be a nice reward for when i trim down!

speaking of trimming down.
i could trim down few of these pretty things. yum.

lemonade. one of my favorite summer drinks.
i am thinking it'll be even more yummy if i
drink it from fun mason jars.
seriously, this is one trend i have fallen for.
mason jars everywhere! except here, i don't own any yet.
 i've been seeing some interesting lemonade recipes around,
what's your favorite?

a couple years ago, when i first heard this song,
i think i repeated it about one hundred times.
it's a cozy tune. enjoy.

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click to enter now! for reals!


  1. 1. i want to go to a pretty carnival
    2. shabby apple is the business! & i enjoyed myself too much this year not working and put on 20 Lbs. :-/
    3. cupcakes with strawberry ~HEAVEN~
    4. mason's...GET YOU SOME my mom started a collection for me when i got married 12 years ago *cough* i'm really not old enough to be celebrating my 13 anniversary in september.
    5.pretty song i've never heard.

    happy holiday weekend!


  2. Hi Hannah! Thanks for your comment....I, too, look forward to meeting you at Blog Sugar! Sooo excited! Uh, those cupcakes....I was thinking about a coconut buttercream dream came true! Will certainly be making these SOON! I am coocoo for coconut! ;-) Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. Love, love, love this post, Hannah! I have a fun little tea recipe that you may enjoy. :) Let's have a picnic one day and I'll bring some with me!

  4. LOVVVE that first HAPPY pic! Too FUN!
    ~Bout the TRIMMIN' down! I'm ON IT with Ya' Sister! I got Baby Baggage! So worth it, but it's GOTTA GO!

    Have A SPARKLIN' Good Holiday!



  5. PS ~ Did you say you'd like some Mason Jars?

    I use them as drinking glasses too! And, I have a whole cellar full! Cause sadly, I don't can :(

    Let me know!

  6. ashlyn is sitting next to me, pointing to the first picture and saying "not yet, fair. not yet." she misses the carnies. and i want lemonade.

  7. nothing like a good carny ride to make you feel like you're gonna lose the cotton candy you just ate ;) sweet song!

  8. I really enjoyed the song. It is so hot here in Carolina. Lemonade would be perfect.

  9. Thanks so much for the blog love! I can't wait to start following you and your lovely family :) Oh and you are so cute and def need to rock out the WIWW!! hugs :)

  10. Stopping by from the Blog Sugar linky! Thanks for your visit! Love that dress - really cute! :)

  11. 1. That dress is adorable!! Sarah just showed my their site. I love a lot of their dresses. Love love love.

    2. Mason jars are the best. I have three packs of my grandmother's old jars. They look the same as the ones we use today. I drink out of them sometimes, but mostly I store things in them. I have all my beans and rice in mason jars. I keep my barbque sauce and spice rub in mason jars. I love the way they look in the kitchen. And I love the way they are reusable storage and the way they don't take on smells like plastic. I want some of the big mason jars. I think those are especially fun. I also can peaches, applesauce, and jams in them. Yum yum yum.