Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{candy} buttons

i love candy.
always have, always will.

i was thinking about candy buttons.
you think about candy too, right?
while not my most favorite candy,
they certainly are cool.
when i was little,
i thought candy buttons were fancy.

now that i am a grown up older,
i still love the candy buttons,
but i think these are fancy.
and i want some.
{fancy} candy buttons,


  1. too funny!

    i saw the first bowl of bright ones a couple of days ago, and thought they were real!

    now i like them more as candy:)

    yes, i do think about candy too...

  2. I used to love those candy buttons when i was a kid. How amazing the grown up candy buttons are. They look so real.

  3. I was oooing and ahhing over the candy buttons...I thought they were real! Real or candy, I want some..:)

  4. You ALL are so SMART & worldly (in a GOOD way)!
    I just learned about these right here...today! Prior to...the only buttons I knew of were the one's Mama said 'don't put in your mouth!' When I was playing with her button jar. So these would be like my own lil' rebellion! ;)
    And, I'd like some to! Of course I wouldn't eat them! I'd just sit them on my desk & SMILE at them! Those 'Happy' candy buttons! ;)


  5. oh my goodness. AMAZING.

    candy buttons are my aunt's favorite candy. they always make me think of her.

    i have a feeling i'd like your new fancy candy buttons WAY more :)

    i may have to try these! thanks for sharing a fun find! <3

  6. oh, delish. i'm positively drooling over those buttons. and weirdly enough, i don't think i've ever eaten candy buttons before. am i missing out?

  7. Oh, the are too pretty to eat!

  8. Awe! I want to own these, like NOW!! love you

  9. I love both kinds! I found a recipe to make the candy ones in a mag recently. You should come on over and we'll party it up in the kitchen! ;)

  10. Ooh, I've seen those before. They're adorable!!! I have seen your face around blog-land a lot lately, so I thought I'd check your blog out! :0)

  11. Oh candy buttons! A wonderful memory for sure! :)

  12. Hi!
    Thank you for stop by at my color land , and left me a sweet comment!
    Love your blog it's so inspiring!

    I love those candy buttons, they look soooo real, can't eat them! :)

  13. yum x 189. and i'd feel ok eating them. like a grown up. and no paper on the back of the little dots. i hate that part of old school candy buttons.


  14. I used to love candy buttons!
    Except {like jess said}
    for that film of paper that
    could be on the back.

    But even that was ok.

    And do you remember those
    wax straw things?
    You bit the top off of the
    wax and then drank the "juice"
    I liked those and now I
    can't even imagine why.


  15. Wow... that is pretty amazing. Yummy and pretty at the same time. :)

  16. Ok, I miss your blogging self - can't wait to see some pictures of the trip!

  17. wow. yum! Although I might not be fooled. At my prom, I thought the fancy butter flowers were white chocolate and ate one.

  18. haha this is such a cute post! i, too, am a lover of candy. and now i want some of those. yum yum!