Friday, July 08, 2011

the boys are back in town

yep. another song stuck in my head.
we are all back in town.
patrick had some work training in fargo for a couple days.
elijah and i tagged along! our hotel was nice and cozy.
elijah didn't even break anything!
i caught him before he tore down the drapes,
he was attempting to swing from them.
and we did unplug the phones so he
couldn't prank call the front desk.
thankfully, it was beautiful outside,
so we discovered playgrounds and had a great time!

we visited a little children's museum.
it was strange. creepy even.
they did have a little train for us to ride.
that was fun. then we left. creepy.

the only downside to the parks: mosquitoes.
my poor child is covered in bites. what the heck.
and these skeeters could have easily passed for birds.

this super tall slide was a riot.
elijah squealed with delight every. single. trip down.
i rode with him because i was a bit nervous of him going alone.
i squealed with delight, too. it was fun!

we took breaks from mosquitoes playing and
browsed shops and even had frozen custard. holla! 
there were also several trips to starbucks for coffee frappes
and black tea lemonades.
(lemonade or chocolate milk for elijah, don't worry!)

we ended our trip with dinner at space aliens. think pizza planet from toy story. had great potential!
most of the arcade games were all wonky though, and our server was not the most helpful.
oh well, elijah got a fun little race car with his game tickets!
he was happy-even though we could have bought him seven cars for that price:)

what have you been up to the last few days?
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life rearranged

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  1. fun post.

    you are a fun mama for going down the slide. #socool

    i have never had frozen custard. but i am absolutely certain i would love it.

    and ewl. mosquitoes. hate. #boo #hiss

    looks like a fun little different way to spend your week.

  2. um? mosquitos as big as birds?? no thank you. you have a cute little munchkin there. and i went down the slide once as an adult. and my hips got lodged. and i think there was pee on the slide.

  3. If the creepy involved clowns or dolls...I'd have been totally CREEPED out too!

    That slide looks like loads of FUN!

  4. i just have to say you have the greatest heart EVER!
    wanna know a secret... i am so facinated with aliens, well not as bad as when i was younger. i swear i was abducted once. LOL! i would of went to space aliens too. bummer it wasn't totally pizza planet inside.

  5. the skeeters were bad in fl too :(

    and now i want frozen custard. the end. :)

  6. frozen custard??? i've never heard of that! can you bring me some in september? ;)