Wednesday, July 13, 2011

big girl pants

wanna know somthin'? i am super self-conscious about myself sometimes.
this includes the way i keep my home. now, i don't mind that nearly all of our furniture was given to us second(or fifth) hand, it really is nice with a toddler living large in this place.
i just feel like i have weird taste. i make whatever pieces i have work for the space given.
i am ok with it...until someone else sees it. does this make any sense to you?
anyway, i have been wanting to stretch myself a bit with this blog of mine.
i always LOVE when blogger/friends share photos and bits about their homes and lives.
it's high time i put on some big girl pants and quit being so self conscious.

which is really pride, yes?
whoa, that'll be a good blog post
someday soon, my pride. ouch.

today after patrick and i got our hair trimmed-and i was treated to a few highlights!-we stopped to check ourselves out. they have a huge mirror just waiting for you by the elevators. patrick was checking out his beard, which always looks crispy and hottie, if you ask me. i was avoiding the mirror, as i usually do.
then it hit me. hey! i should take a photo of us. right now. to share. everyone else is so good at this,
but my knees were knockin' from fright. patrick was half laughing at me and my phone camera skills.
he is a patient, patient man.

anyway, i did it. i took a photo. of myself.
and tweeted it and am sharing it here.
look at me, all big and brave and stuff.


  1. You look really good in your big girl pants. :) Love "seeing" you, love YOU.

  2. Yay! Cute picture. And I am the same with decorating...i just feel weird about my style (or lack of)...

  3. Good for you!!! You look wonderful!

  4. Gosh. You are so cute! Look at your bad self.

  5. I you only knew how real some of your readers'd have no need to worry! ;) (I should take my own advice...I'm self-conscious about my home also) I come from a whole family of real people. You know the kind? Real dust....real clutter....real old furniture...haha!

    Enjoyed the pic of you two, too! :)


  6. and why wouldn't you share?
    you are beautiful. inside and out.

  7. look at you, putting your big girl pants on one leg at a time ;)

    these photos are darling, your smile is contagious and i have to agree with you about beards: they are awesome! i, too, feel like my hubs is a total stud when his beard gets freshly trimmed.

    thank you for sharing these, i hope to see more posts like this coming soon :)

  8. You guys are both so cute! Can't wait to see that pretty face in real life! Wow, two months and counting!

  9. i like it.
    i love it.
    i want some more of it!

    you are quite the big girl now! :) keep 'em coming hannah! you should post more pics of yourself, and your crew, you guys are adore to the able.


    LOVE IT.

  10. Very cute picture in your big girl pants :) Love it!

  11. Big girl pants never looked so good :)

  12. Hannah,
    I love seeing your face in the photo for a change. : ) I know, I tend to hide behind it too. You two are adorable!

  13. Loving the haircut, Hannah! You look great! Hope you all are doing great, including my little man, Elijah! :)

  14. you look amazing! check that gorgeous cut!

  15. Adorable picture! You look so pretty!!

  16. You both look so great. Love the photos too!

  17. Girl you ARE beautiful! You have like the most perfect hairstyle! It looks perfect on you. Love yourself and BE PROUD OF IT!

  18. you are gorgeous friend! i'm the or uh "your boss!" YOU MUST LISTEN. mkay.
    i keep trying to make my hubby grow a beard, he's says he can't because of work. excuses, excuses. maybe i should make go play ball for the giants. do they all still have beards. LOL okay i'm rambling. but to humor me will you just look at this. PLEASE!
    freaking hilarious!

  19. look at you, all gorgeous and sweet-smiling and stuff.

    really, really (really) think you should do this more often.

  20. i feel like with every post i love you like 200 times more. can i be sept already? and it's thursday. and your book is still on my table.

  21. You are adorable! all of our furniture is second hand too, but thats alright with me. It's my home and I love everything about it, even the things that are imperfect.

  22. thank y'all so much for your sweetness! wow, i feel like i could post a hundred photos of me now!
    not really.
    but it didn't hurt a bit to post these. who knew? :)

  23. thanks for stopping by! i feel the same way about showing our stuff too....but i guess i gotta do it to some degree since i have some curious friends and fam with this new place! It will be a challenge to not be too self conscious here on the interwebs. eesh!

  24. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! And seeing your hair makes me want to chop mine off (I have always worn it in an angled bob... growing it long is a new thing). You are adorable! The two of you are so cute!

  25. Your hair is SO cute!!!! Love glad you posted it :)

  26. cute pictures!

    i don't have a fancy house like many bloggers that do "house tours," but i am planning on posting one in a few weeks. our homes are ours, they tell our stories.

    looking forward to more!

  27. TOTALLY feeling you on the whole furniture intro...seriously contemplating selling everything and stating fresh. not because we don;t super appreciate and even really like it, but just because it would be SO fun to start over and find our own taste.

    so ANYWAY, you are crazy beautiful lovely friend and I am so proud of you for sharing your sassy new cut! Woot!

  28. You're so cute. Big and brave. Now how about a pic of yourself asleep with your mouth hanging open. Waiting for that one...

  29. I'm late to this post
    {i'm so behind on blogs my google reader is about to
    explode it's so full},
    but I just had to say
    Hello, Adorable!
    Love the hair.
    Love the cheekbones.
    Love the smile.
    You two are the cutest.