Tuesday, July 05, 2011

"back to life, back to reality"

and now you can have that song stuck in your head all day, too.
sunday and monday we enjoyed no work and all play.
it was hot outside and my allergies were are going crazy.
i kinda didn't care. not having itchy eyes would be cool though.
apparently fireworks are super legal here. even downtown.
right outside of my windows.
for the entire weekend.

from the sound of it, people spent
their life's savings on firecrackers. and alcohol.
what an awesome combination, yes?
oh, and toss in my not-so-sleeping toddler
and you have a real live show!
even so, we enjoyed the festivities at the river.
the little parade was pretty funny.
the petting zoo was also funny.
only because it was really just a looking zoo.
blue bubblegum shaved ice was consumed. happy mama.
elijah waved his tiny american flag
all. day. long. with great pride.
at 10:30(that's when it gets dark here in the summer!)
we fled the mosquitoes and perched on the ledge
of a parking garage. it was fireworks time!
elijah loved them last year.
this year, he kept gasping and covering his mouth
with both hands and then covered his face with patrick's hat.
our little family really had a great weekend.
celebrating our freedom and independence. and each other.

hey! have you entered the big giveaway yet?
great news! i've extended it until sunday!


  1. Yay! So glad you had a good 4th! I love the one of your little guy with his hands over his mouth! I remember going to see the fireworks as a kid. good memories. :)

  2. I'll be donating as soon as I figure out some Paypal issues!

  3. your 4th sounds SO lovely.
    so amazing.

    you make north dakota sound cool. and fun.

    and you are so pretty.

    that is all. :) <3

  4. Looking zoo...Ha!
    Happy to hear y'all had a good time!

  5. ya thinks for getting that song stuck in my head. you to me back to the days i'd spend all my spear time at the skating rink. i skated to that song more times than i can count, i thought i was awesome sauce. haha

  6. I always sing that song! Especially when it is back to the grind of everyday life... and man, 10:30 is late! we had to wait around till 9 and I am glad it was no longer. blessings to ya!

  7. YES!! And I am glad you extended it, bc yesterday I went to buy the cross, and had to re-do my paypal account, which means waiting a day to confirm, blah blah. I was mad, but now I'm not anymore! :)

  8. elijah is too cute! I love the picture of him covering his mouth! sounds like y'all had a great 4th! :) -Hannah T.

  9. Hannah, you look gorgeous (and so happy)!! It sounds like you all had a perfect summer weekend. It sounds and looks like so much fun!

    You are killing me with suspense by extending this giveaway... I was really looking forward to finding out who won tonight. :) It was going to be the highlight of my sick week. ha ha. I might have to enter again now.