Wednesday, June 29, 2011

puckett family fundraiser & GIVEAWAY!

{scroll down, we have a winner!!}

it's here! time to put the FUN into fundrasing!
yesterday i shared a bit of what this is all about.
today i will share part of a letter, from the puckett family:

Dear Friends and Family:
We want to share with you a challenging ministry opportunity we have been presented. From September 3 through September 12, 2011, we have been offered the chance to go to Ug*anda with a group called Sixty Feet. This 10-day mission trip will be spent reaching out and spreading the gospel to the gracious people of Ug*anda. While we will be working alongside many adults there, our main focus is on the children. They reside in under-funded orphanages, foster care and “Remand Homes”, which are basically Children’s Prisons. Please visit for more details about this amazing group! While God has opened up a door for us to go, the exciting part is that you will be able to share in this journey with us! Even if you aren’t there, there are several ways you can help. First, and most importantly, you can help by keeping us in prayer. We will need prayers that God will prepare us for our visit and bless our efforts as we minister to the people of Ug*anda. We need prayer that the Lord will keep us healthy and sustain us while we are there, as we anticipate it being a physically and emotionally trying time. We need prayer as we consider adoption from Ug*anda. We will also need prayer that our financial needs will be met. Another way you can be involved is to help provide that much needed financial support. Please note that any funds raised above and beyond our $4,000.00 goal will be used solely for Missions and/or Adoption Ministry. Whether you feel led to contribute financially, through prayer, or both, all of your support is appreciated. We look forward to doing God's work in Ug*anda and cannot wait to tell you all about it when we return.
We love you tremendously. God Bless,
*Marty and Christy, Brogan and Swaid Puckett

"For the needy shall not always be forgotten,
   and the hope of the poor
shall not perish forever."
psalm 9:18esv

this is what marty and christy
will be doing with sixty feet in september.
serving and loving orphans in ug*anda.
i encourage you to visit the puckett's blog,
leave them some words of encouragement!
pray for guidance, safety and patience for their mission trip.
also pray for wisdom as they seek the lord about adoption!
in addition to prayers, i'm inviting you to help GIVE.
join me in supporting this dear family
as they answer a call to be the hands and feet of jesus this fall.
as a thank you in advance for participating in giving,
i have gathered some fine items
that you'll have a chance to win! 
with much help from donations from sweet friends,
this is sure to be a ton of fun!
marie of found fabrics and found by marie is a such darling soul! i treasure her friendship and love her creative genius. in her fabric choices and beautiful handmade designs,
her fun personality shines brightly.
(go check out her shops!)
marie has generously donated:
(anna maria horner's "loulouthi" collection!)
a "fat quarter" is a quarter yard of fabric measuring 18"x 22". 
this is top-notch designer quilters weight cotton. fresh and new cut right off the bolt in her smoke-free, pet-free home studio.  included are the following prints/colors: summer totem in tart, bouyancy in coral, framed in seaglass, coreopsis in lime, framed in citron,
clippings in passion, and triflora in lipstick
one waterproof bib in a bright damask print of aqua, orange and white. features a spill catcher, ties in the back, and best of all...just rinse it off in the sink and air dry
for baby's next feeding time!
winner's choice of either hot pink, lime or yellow!
ilee letterpress creates quality letterpress
and silk screen designs.
they sell locally in seattle, washington,
and also have a successful online shop!
party invitations, notecards and more!
all freshly made for you, by hand, with love.
ja, of ilee, has sweetly and extremely generously donated
five sets of each:
click on each of those and check out
all the variety you've to choose from as a winner!
michelle brusegaard of mbmb is a successful artist,
offering tons of great designs!
in her shop you'll find screen printed scarves and towels,
wedding invitation suites and
unique greeting and enclosure cards!  
my personal faves are the enclosure cards.
so fresh and pretty.
also cool? she lives in my town;)
michelle has generously donated a screen printed jersey scarf,
perfect for any season of the year!
when i won a giveaway in december.
i happily collected my winnings
and immediately placed orders.
safe to say i'm a lifetime customer;) 
i. adore. her. stuff.
and she's the sweetest girl you ever did know!
visit her fun blog and browse loads of
sweet treats in her shop.
heather has generously donated
you choose from any in stock colors!!

are a delightful father-daughter team.
their explosive talents combine to create fabulous lego jewelry.
they offer the very best quality service, in my opinion.
every package you receive from them
is hand decorated by damien.
you have not lived until you've received
mail from damien, let me tell you.
they have generously offered a
$25 shop credit for the winner!
fun city! go ahead, take a peek into their shop
and see all the nifty goodness that awaits.
beautiful shop in north carolina.
she also has a fun shop online!
when hosting a party, bake it pretty is one of my
fave places to collect the goodies i need.
her shelves are stocked with decorations, cupcake liners,
drinking straws, sprinkles, treat bags,
cookie cutters and the list goes on!
amanda has generously given a $10 shop credit! woohoo!
even if you are not a coffee drinker-
which is no way to live, really-
starbucks is the place to be.
hello, have you seen their petite treats
and vanilla bean scones?
we. love. starbucks. and because we do,
our little family has purchased 
(starbucks is not affiliated with this giveaway)
a $25 gift card to be given to the winner!
*  *  *  *  *
this is a ton of fun stuff!
ONE LUCKY WINNER will take it all!
this event will be open for one week and
will close on wednesday july 6th
until sunday july 10th at 11:59pm.
the winner will be chosen using
and announced on monday july 11th.
*  *  *  *  *
 visit the puckett family's blog and
click the donate tab in the sidebar.
next, think about ice cream.
every $3 donation counts as ONE entry
after you've donated, leave a separate comment per $3:
if your email address is not connected with your sign-in profile,
please leave it along with one of your comments!
this will make contacting the winner a piece of cake:)
if you gave $15, leave five comments here-for five chances!
$30 leave ten comments here, and so on.
also note that the family is selling
handmade crosses on their blog!
they are $15+s&h and if you choose to
purchase one of them, that counts for three entries!
you may have one
"no purchase necessary" entry!
just leave a comment telling me
what your favorite ice cream flavor is!
*  *  *
although it's not required, wouldn't it be sweet
to share this with your friends?
on twitter, facebook or even on your blog!
i am prayerful we can raise lots of cash for this family,
and i'll love you forever, you know;)
thanks for joining the fun!
good luck!
any questions?
email me: walkthruflames[at]gmail[dot]com

"Grace to you and peace from God
our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."
philippians 1:2esv

the winner is:
please email me so we can
get this party started!

sweet friends
for your support!!


  1. They are blessed indeed to call you "friend!"
    God Bless You as you lend a helping hand!

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    My fave ice cream is anything with peanut butter, and I like it to be rich and creamy... not the low fat stuff. ;)

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  11. Money donated #5

    Mat 25:40 "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

  12. oh!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

  13. this just proves the true sweetness of you, hannah. wish we were in a place to give right now but we're just not. God is good and is going to do some awesomely good stuff thru people like you! keep it up, friend

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    Hannah, you are amazing!!

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  22. 13

    Thanks for the fun giveaway and what a great idea. You are amazing. I can't wait to see you this summer. I wish it wasn't such a long trip to see you (and two or three plane rides... boo!!!). See you soon!!

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE letterpress cards


    Hannah, you are so sweet! :)

  24. Donation #7

    P.S. This is Sarah Harr, but by Sunday I will be Sarah Brewer. If I win, please send me a text, rather than an email, as I probably won't be online much the week after my wedding. :)


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