Monday, June 27, 2011

a peek at the county fair

saturday our little family met up with
my sister and her fam and our kelly.
(she is our kelly because she is elijah's babysitter. and she is stuck with us. forever.)
we enjoyed corn dogs and people watching.
a few rides and cotton candy. so much fun!
i was most impressed with the darling little petting zoo.
it wasn't little at all, really.
tons of sweet farm animal friends to hang out with!
elijah was enjoying the creatures, but feeling a little skeptical;)
in elijah's brief history of riding rides,
this is how almost all photos have turned out.
it's like he has to inspect every last detail.
of everything. engineering in his future perhaps?
i was snapping a photo of my
bubble gum shaved ice-fave!!-and elijah leaned up
into the scene.

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  1. look at you with all your good pictures...go friend! xo

  2. Aw, your little guy looks like he's having the time of his life! :)

    Enjoyed your lovely blog. Hope you'll stop by mine!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  3. Fun! I love the shaved ice pic. : )

  4. What's Summer without a County Fair?! Really? Fun pic's thanks for sharing!


  5. Ok please come take over my blog. Right now. Your collages are great. And Im jealous:)
    Thanks for lovin on my towels. Im having fun with refashioning right now. More tutorials to come-I was very inspired to be sewing this past weekend:)

  6. love the collage and the fair. i am now dreaming of a deep fried twinkie! :)

  7. YUM! Corn dogs at the fair!!! That's the first thing that jumped out at me from those pictures. It's always the food that gets me. ;o)

    Elijah is adorable... and I totally love how he has to inspect everything. It will be interesting to see what his future career is. :o) Since you'll still be blogging then, right? Please say yes. :o)

    Hope you have a fantastic week!!!

  8. i sure wish our local fair was that nice. i'm glad you and the fam had fun!

  9. Love, love, love the fair! One of my most favorite summertime traditions. Even here in suburban so cal, we still have the county fair.
    Great pics!
    Love from, Greta

  10. fun! im dying to go to the SD County Fair! love all your pics! and petting zoos are the best!

  11. this post makes me want to move to ND! corndogs for sure qualify in my "hot dogs are my love language" category. YUM.

    fair food = delish. plus you are walking around - so it is healthy, right? :)

    love seeing elijah inspecting and figuring out the rides - too cute!

  12. So cute! I love the one with the big snow cone! Adorable! The fair was always so fun!

  13. SO fun, makes me excited to go to our fair! i LOVE your blog btw!!! :)

  14. oh hannah! you have no idea how much i'd LOVE to stay with your family. forever! hopefully i'll be able to get my hands on some floo powder so that i can come to you whenever you need!

    accompanying your sweet family to the fair was definitely a day brightener! thank you for being you and for letting me come back to babysit. ^_^