Tuesday, June 21, 2011

lookin' good {food i want to try!}

it's summer. hip hip hooray!
not that i am some epic kitchen genius any other time of the year, but summer is hard for me. between spending long days at the park and extra little family outings, we keep busy. even so, i'm hoping to try a few new goodies. i have a small stash of things i've bookmarked that i am looking forward to trying soon. here are a few that i think may be my faves!
did somebody say chipotle?! we loooove some chipotle flavor,
and that burger looks ace, yes?
this colorful, zesty salad would be a crowd pleaser.
my family crowd at least. there are three of us.
and three's a crowd.
yes. frozen cream pies. on. a. stick. bliss!
growing up, if i was faced with
the little debbie version of these,
i would inhale them. an embarrassing amount of them.
i would never do such a thing now.
those worrisome calories and all,
i would surely not have more than...a few.

have you found any fun new recipes you're trying this summer?


  1. ooh, these all look delicious! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try that salad for sure

  2. I'll take a dozen of number 2 please!

  3. um, send #3 overnight in dry ice.

    please and thank you.

  4. Yummy! Way to go on your blog button. I need to make me one of those. I always appreciate your sweet comments on my blog. I've been having blogger issues whenever I try to comment on others blogs - but I think I got it resolved FINALLY today. Anyway, thanks for the recipe ideas - I always am looking for ways to step it up in the kitchen since cooking ain't my thang!

  5. #4 oh #4. I can;t wait to try those!
    Love from,

  6. Yumm is right! I have an iced peppermint tea I might have to bring over for you one day! :)

  7. When i was prego with my 3rd son i pretty much put away an ENTIRE BOX of oatmeal cream pies in one sitting. Impressive?! idk....but true! i'm going to have to check out that homemade version, thanks for sharing, hannah!!

  8. Cream pie on a stick?? STOP IT!! Those sound like heaven to me :)

  9. turkey burgers are a favorite over here! so good!

  10. Oh my word. It all looks delicious.

    Oy, my diet.