Wednesday, June 08, 2011

just a (long) peek

this past weekend, our little family of three
headed out of town
for a little (un)vacation.
many of you, i'm sure,
know what vacations with toddlers can be like.
i am not really going there today...

we headed to fargo on friday. you know, fargo? just like the movie. minus the woodchipper and the snow though. it was actually hot. tangent: i'm fairly certain that i would die going back home to mississippi anytime soon. how i ever survived and participated in athletics in that humid heat i will never know. because now, goodness, now anything above 80 feels like a heatstroke!
in fargo, we visited the funny little zoo with friends, and enjoyed a delicious dinner at a favorite restaurant. the next day we left our hotel and headed for minneapolis!
on the way, we stopped at some outlet shops to browse and play on their playground.
elijah LOVES the playground there! we are fans too,
it's a great break for kiddos while you're shoppin' away!
they also have lots of those funny little coin rides.
elijah just ran from ride to ride, then to the playground,
then a ride, then back to slide...
in minneapolis we visited another zoo.
we chose the smaller, cheaper one.
it was alright. next time we will not
go on a weekend day!
again, it was blazin' hot.
and really, i have a love-hate thing with zoos.
i adore animals and learning about them,
and being close to them.
i hate seeing them confined and
pestered by bratty kids(and parents).
manners, people. manners!
this is my son's "get me out of this car" face.
when in minneapolis, you must visit the mall of america.
we love it there!
inside the mall is a sight to see too!
fun dinner at the mall. that elijah wouldn't eat.
he's been fickle pants lately. pfft.
 lego store will always bring me joy. always.
remember how i love legos?
a fave treat.
these are a few of the coin rides elijah enjoyed at the outlet mall.
he was perplexed by the still, lifeless passengers.
 so funny!
another treat inside the mall is the sea life aquarium.
since it was so fiery hot outside,
it was nice to have an extra neat thing indoors to explore.
elijah was amazed. mostly though,
he was a little put off by none of the creatures wanting a hug.
he eventually gave up. he cheered up in the gift shop,
when he spotted huge bouncy balls
with sea turtles and glitter inside.

we enjoyed our nice hotel downtown-i know,
no downtown photos.
(really, i am surprised i managed the photos i did.
with elijah on the loose, even with patrick's help,
it can be a bad idea to play photographer.
i'm just not that good yet.)
we loved walking downtown at night,
taking in all the sounds and sights of the city.
minneapolis is one of the cleanest cities i have visited!
sunday evening, we had the pleasure of worshiping
i think i may post separately on that.
extra cool, one of our favorite preachers,
john piper, was teaching that night.
the sermon was from john 9.
a super familiar passage, yet i came away with
a fresh understanding of the text!
AWESOME! the church was wonderfully welcoming,
the nursery was good to our boy
and the communion service was
needed and a blessing. praise jesus!
oh yeah! in fargo they have an old school toys r us!
it is like stepping back in time. you know that feeling?
staring at the brightly stocked shelves, with a wad of allowance
burning in your hello kitty change purse.
the smell of the new bikes neatly tagged and calling your name.
the vast selection of your favorite sugar highs
-razzles, blow pops and fat pixie stix. yep.
all that comes rushing back
when you walk through these doors.
we got a cheapie little flute, tambourine
and clacker instrument set for elijah.
not exactly car traveling toys, but he loved them, so who cares.
this my friends, is how our trip ended.
we stopped at the outlets, so elijah could burn some energy off
at play before the five hour drive ahead. it was great!
squealing, running, swinging, sliding and jumping.
he did it all. with two year old gusto.
if you look closely at this photo,
you can see what else he did with two year old gusto.
also, the reason why this is the last photo taken
and why we changed outfits and headed on home.

it was a great trip. happy fifth anniversary to us.
not so secretly, i am really looking forward to
celebrating in the future(10th? 25th maybe?) sans kiddo. heh.


  1. what a fun trip. i wish i was your kid! :)

    totally remember the old toys 'r us feeling. you had me transported. :)

    butterscotch pops! i hope you picked that box up for yourself!

    love the abundance of photos! :) what a FUN way to spend your anniversary :)

    happy 5th to you and patrick!!

  2. So glad you had a great trip. Yes, next trip must be by yourselves. : ) Happy 5 years to you and Patrick.

  3. Looks like such a fun little trip! And we just went to our local Bubba Gump the other day. Funny!

  4. what a fun (un)vacation! ;) you never know what you're going to get with taking kiddos on an adventure like that.....but seriously, you have got to talk to your lil man about not loving bubba gump's. it's pretty much the best place to eat!! :)

  5. how fun! i was just telling ryan the other day that once we move back to nd next year i want to make a trip to the MOA. it's a fave!

  6. i've always wanted to go to fargo. because i love the way it sounds. FAR-GOOOO. can i be your kid? and john piper??? AT BETHLEHEM??! see, this is why we're friends.