Friday, June 24, 2011

insta-friday {phone photos!}

silly and sweet at bedtime. it's really hard to feel
all "goodnight moon" when the sun is still out at 9:30pm.

a two year old being creative

crooked wall decor

elijah being sassy.

heading into the farmers' market!

my darling fellas. on papa's day<3

linking up with jeannett today!
{why have i not done this before now!?}

life rearranged


  1. love them all. sun out a 9:30 yuck! i am a lover of fall and winter... the sun should be down by 630 at the latest ALWAYS. Good Night Moon, and the red balloon.

  2. It looks like a happy week. That farmer's market looks amazing. I'm visiting from IF.

  3. the sun is not out at 9:30 in san mateo. that is why it costs 8 million dollars to live here. kids go to be earlier. MOVE. NOW. ;)

  4. yay for the farmers market! ours opens this weekend. i'm so excited!

  5. Elijah is so cute. Love the pictures!

  6. Oh my goodness Hannah, that last pic is way too sweet.

  7. I love going to the Farmer's Market! The picture of your boys on Father's day is so cute! Love it!

  8. Oh, the Farmer's Market! How fun!

  9. ackkkk! welcome to the party! :) I am SO SO SO SO SO excited to see you join the instafriday shenanigans! :)

    what a cute and fun week you had.

    hubby and eg holding hands may be my favorite pic...but mama and eg is TOOOOOOO cute too. :)

    and your farmers market looks AMAAAAZINGLY fun :)

  10. lovely darling! every one is so sweet. happy weekend. :)