Monday, June 20, 2011

here's your button

after many requests,
i decided to stop being so lazy
and make a blog button!
since i love my sweet somber-faced child header photo,
i thought it best to begin with that;)
with the help of my sweet friend taking pity
on my cluelessness, it's done!
here it is! take it, share it, love it.
(and thanks for wanting one!)


  1. you are in business lady!!! :) Love that you finally got a button - you are one of my favorite blogs and I'm so excited to rep little EG's cute face!

  2. Love it! My bro in law is making mine, but it's a work in progress.I'll be putting yours up, friend!

  3. super duper!! Adding it to my blog now!

  4. woohoooo! love your button. love your sweet friend. isn't she the greatest? she will probably have to help me but your button on my blog actually. i am lame. also, have you heard mat kearney's new single? hey mama. repeat. repeat. repeat. SOOOO good.