Sunday, June 19, 2011

a good day

saturday we enjoyed the first farmers' market day of the year! go ahead, laugh. it is mid june and we are just tasting summerish things. this is our life in north dakota. the truly funny thing was, the produce booths were sold out immediately. meaning we missed the goods. rather than crying, we soaked up the sunshine, browsed the crafty crafts, sampled fresh salsas and cinnamon roasted pecans. the background was bumping with some sweet ethnic sounds.
saturday was world refugee day, a neat celebration in the square for all the new americans in our town. elijah was in heaven with the music, and the dancers were ace.
i needed my produce though, so we popped into the organic grocery on the way home-we live only a block away from all the town square action. elijah chose a one pound tomato and a beautiful green cucumber and we headed home.
this is our front yard.
the town square is straight down this sidewalk. we are loving the new hanging plants everywhere. while we were inside eating lunch, i heard a funny sound. after a minute of wondering, i realized it was the silly songs of an ice cream truck!! i snatched elijah out of his seat and hustled out the door, barefoot and racing to the corner.
the truck was driving away. sugar.
now i know what he sounds like and that he actually makes stops outside our door!
lookout mister ice cream truck, we are waiting for you.
we have plenty of dollar bills ready to offer you in exchange for your frozen treats.
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  1. The sound of an ice cream truck still makes my heart skip a beat! Love the pictures!

  2. What a sweet spot to be living! And Elijah is soooo cute. My goodness!

  3. I love your front yard! And I do not want to hear of you missing the ice cream truck again. That sweet boy needs his ice cream ;)

  4. I wish they had ice cream trucks in San Francisco!

    <3 courtney

  5. Haha! Nothing better than a a summer farmer's market and a visit from the ice cream truck! I love it! Makes me wish for summer as we're in the depths of winter over here! What a fantastic front yard you have! :)

  6. Sugar! You are too cute. Just like that little town of yours. Seriously. Dying over here. Hope you find that truck!

  7. Those ice cream trucks are cute...until they drive around your neighborhood area for 2 hours while you're doing yardwork (or trying to read)... Then you start thinking about whether you could use a BB gun to take out their sound system! Haha. Their only saving grace is the cute little kids I see out there with their parents getting a Popsicle.

  8. elijah looks so grown up and so handsome!!! that hat is adorable :) it looks like you guys live in a beautiful town, and yes, i too love the hanging baskets! thanks for sharing this!

  9. Sounds like a nice day! The weather in Northern California hasn't been any better; in May & early June we had tons of thunderstorms come through and literally went from months of clouds & rain straight to 90-100 degree summer weather. I am still not adjusted yet!

  10. love your sweet boy and his hat! i can see him and brody causing quite a ruckus together ;)