Friday, June 03, 2011

five. holla.

"for you, o lord,
have made me glad by your work;
at the works of your hands
I sing for joy."

five years ago, i married my very best friend.
he's with me through the storms and through the sun.
i really can't find any words to describe
the love i have for this man of mine.
i don't just love him with my whole heart.
i like him too:)

i can't wait to be married to my boo boo
for a hundred more years!
my goal for this sixth year
is to be a better encourager to my darling husband.

"if you treat a man as he is , he will stay as he is.
but if you treat him as if he were
what he ought to be and could be,
he will become the bigger and better man."

"let my soul live and praise you,
and let your rules help me."

happy anniversary!

let's celebrate with a classic,
by one of our favorite artists, brian mcknight:


  1. Ok, first I'm having a Brian McKnight moment! I kinda forgot about him but hubby and I used ti listen to him ALL The TIME. Thanks for that. This is just another reason I love you, you have goal for yourself as a wife. You go girl. cute picture. LOVE the first quote.Happy Anniversary! That is all. xoxo

  2. Happy anniversary sweet friend!!! I love that you set a goal for the next year. Hugs to you!

  3. Oh Happy Day! Awesome.... I love wedding anniversaries! Have a great time celebrating.

  4. sweet love. love you both...happy day to you!

  5. happy anniversary lovely lady!!!!! 5 years! wonderful!!

  6. Happy, Happy Anniversary my dear friend! So happy for you guys and such a sweet post of dedication to your man :)

  7. Happy anniversary to you guys! I love the goethe quote! My goal is to encourage my husband in that way too!

  8. congrats on five beautiful years! (and now i'm crooning 'one last cry' in my head...)

  9. thank you, sweet friends!
    p.s. brian mcknight ought to be a part of everyone's every day:)

  10. Happy Anniversary! It is a tremendous blessing to have a soulmate to walk side by side with through this life.

    (And by the way, I made the lemon streusel muffins this morning...the recipe you linked to back in the spring...YUM! Thanks for sharing!)

    Blessings on your weekend...

  11. awwwwwwwwww SO SWEET!!!! Happy day!!! :)

  12. That is such a great quote. Amazing. I am applying it to my sons as well. Thank you for sharing and Happy Anniversary!!
    Love from,

  13. you guys rock. and had a really fun wedding.

  14. Love it! And I have to say, that song by Brian McKnight was playing as we danced at my hubby's junior prom, our first time hanging out! We're also celebrating 5 years of marriage in September. We've been through a lot of unexpected chronic health problems, but I can say that I love (and like) my husband and can't imagine my life without him. God totally brought us together at the right time. By the way, I'm a newer reader, and love the bible verses you post in your blog too! :-)

  15. This is a little late but, Happy Anniversary!! I hope you two had a wonderful day with one another.
    p.s. I love the goethe quote.

  16. hello, my name is Jessica and i'm the worst blog friend EVER. things have been crazy over here! sorry i missed wishing you a happy anniversary. you are a special girl, chica. and i'm sure he's awesome, too! yeah for 5 years! here's to many, many more! <3