Thursday, June 02, 2011

father's day {gift ideas}

in just over two weeks, it's dad's day.
have you thought about gifts?
here are a few ideas that may help:
1. neck tie (image source). word on the street is, men hate receiving ties as gifts. well, my man doesn't! heck, all the men in my family dig ties! they either wear them for their jobs(and love it) or they wear them like it's their job. (the latter being my brother jared. he's always loved dressing classy. since kindergarten.) so, i say, bring on the "typical" father's day gift! my hunnie would love to get some swanky new ties.
2. retro dad labels from martha stewart. simple, fun printables to spruce up your pop's fave treats!
3. trail mix from peanut butter boy. sweet and spicy. that's how we like it around here. patrick loves trail mix, and this recipe looks really yummy. you could package it all festive-y and attach one of those cute labels!
4. money clip from jack spade. so this particular clip reads "cheddar". double meaning, to be sure. while he keeps his cash straight, he can honor his love of his fave. cheese. there are others to choose from(like "bacon") so check them out!

what would the papa's in your life enjoy this father's day?
(i've picked out sweet treats for my pops and my hunnie.
can't tell you though, because then they'd know too!)


  1. My husband would probably enjoy a break from all of the projects we are working on! :o) I have to remind myself that he still works full time during the summer AND is helping me with all of the other things.

    And, do you know, I have never in the 16 years of knowing my husband seen him in a tie. Crazy, right?!

  2. dave wants golf clubs. golf clubs?!!! so high maintenance. i think i might throw that money clip at him instead. with no money in it.

  3. Love the labels. I'm going to print those today! : )

  4. Thanks Hannah! I forgot about those martha labels. I was planning on using that for a dad treat. Yay!!