Wednesday, June 15, 2011

cute illustrations {ty wilkins}

today on share some candy,
ty wilkins' illustrations were featured.
i LOVE them. visit ty wilkins to see more brilliant cuteness!
(you can even create your own story!)


  1. Those are super cute. I especially love the middle one.

  2. these prints are total cuteness!

  3. Hey cutie - wanted to let you know that I have followed your lead and quit facebook - was feeling challenged about how often I go to FB to vent/whatever, instead of going straight to God - or even my husband!! Plus I was feeling way too you know what I mean? Anyway, I am going to re-start up my blog to make sure my parents get to see pictures, so look for an update there sometime this week!

  4. they are the CUTEST aren't they!? just like you girls:)

    laura: awesome!! precisely why i kicked the facebook. bleh.
    also, you better call me, woman! soon! pretty please? (if you dont, i will send your girls cell phones, pre loaded with bieber ringtones)

  5. hahaha these ARE cute!

    ~Andrea @

  6. Oh, I love these too!
    Love from, Greta