Tuesday, June 28, 2011

christy & me {the cliff notes}

i have something super fun to share tomorrow!
before i do though,
i want to share a little bit of back story
on how i know my friend.

it was 1996, when we met.
we both liked the beach, our jobs and boys.
we became friends.

she was graduating high school,
i would drop out and take my ged the next year.
our differences were many and celebrated,
our similarities were enough, and tightly woven.
we found an apartment with our name on it.
love, we had it. we cared about each other. a lot.
laughter bellowed loudly in our large, open apartment.
soon, sadness did, too. we both had a few problems.
the sadness became heavier when i took a wide path to destruction.
i had some new money, new people, and new problems. christy stayed strong in her work and tried to enjoy her life amidst the trouble i was bringing into it each and every day. christy loved me still, because she could see that underneath my substance abuse and reckless choices, i was just like her. a lost sinner. i think we both knew that jesus was what we each needed. surrender just wasn't an option. though our choice sins were different, we were the same. in need of saving grace.
i know she thought i was crazy, but i never felt judgement from her.
even when i finally just skipped out of our house, leaving her high and dry.
my new money and new people were gone.
my new problems? they birthed more new problems.
i eventually lost contact with my friend.
i lost contact with just about everyone.

time passed.
jesus drew me to himself, he mended my broken heart and spirit. i was washed, new and clean by his blood of forgiveness. my family embraced me into their home and lives again. i began to heal, relationships were being restored. i had new life, a new town, new people, and new grace.
i always thought about my friend christy.
was she ok? would she forgive me?

a couple of years ago, we found each other. on facebook.
i have since quit facebook, but good grief, so thankful for it!
we caught up with each other's lives.
we both have new hearts, families and
even forgiveness to one another.
the two of us are really different now, and grown up-we now have a bit of wisdom to go with our wit!
really cool? we love jesus now and want to make him known! my soul sings a sweet song when i know an earthly friend will spend eternity with me as well.

christy's smile is so bright it makes the sun nervous for its job. i haven't yet met her husband marty, but he must be a champion if she married him. they have two hilarious children, whom i only know through the world wide web but can plainly see they are loved and lovely. and sassy. like their mama.

christy has a blog. i religiously check it for new posts.
i am obsessed with her. joking. not really.
i do love reading her funny tales and what she's up to.
two months ago, i about choked reading this post. (go read it!)
what the what?!
a mission trip, with a wonderful-favorite organization?
yeah, i was totally excited.
their hearts are even toward adoption, y'all! how exciting!

"You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you." john 15:16esv

i am amazed and overjoyed at how the lord has chosen to work in our lives now. wow.
with christy's family still living in mississippi, and i in north dakota, there just isn't much "hands-on" help i can give them to help them get to africa.
they are raising funds to help them make the trip
to serve with sixty feet in september. 
i can help raise funds!!
you can help raise funds, too!

"The Lord is my strength and my shield;
in him my heart trusts, and I am helped;
my heart exults, and with my song
I give thanks to him."
psalm 28:7esv

stop by tomorrow to find out more and how you can help.
p.s. it involves (several) fun prizes that you can enter to win!!
so stay tuned for the


  1. This post just makes me love you more! I'm so glad you and christy have been reunited! God is good!

  2. Oh Hannah, I loved every single thing about this post! I can't wait to help this family reach their goal. And I'm SO thrilled for you that you found her again!

  3. Hannah
    God IS so GOOD! We'd ALL be in BIG trouble if Heaven was only obtained through our own actions!
    Thanks SO much for sharing!
    PS~ you are one gorgeous gal!!! Just curious...was that blond the real deal. Cuz I had that color back in the day, but mine was 60 dollars a month of real...Haha!

  4. With tears in my eyes, All I can say is I love you.
    ~christy (and I'm still blonde)

  5. so excited to hear more. what a wonderful fun amazing story! <3

  6. wow...i didn't know this background on you ~ would have never thunk it. you are great and at such a wonderful place now. praise jesus! love you!

  7. wow. beautiful pic of God's grace. amazing....and for all of us! <3

  8. Love this post. I recently reconnected with my best friend from high school. We had lost touch and made choices for our lives that weren't very wise. We've started our relationship again and it feels wonderful. I love getting to know her and her family more each time we are together. Sometimes time apart makes us closer in the end.