Monday, May 09, 2011

hello, monday!

i had intended to blog a little this weekend.
that's as far as i got, intentions.
saturday was fun-filled and sunny.
i spent the day with my sweet monster boy,
touring parks around town.
we visited three bright, sunny playgrounds.
so. much. fun.
{photos from my phone}
what a gorgeous north dakota day!!

mother's day began with
my darling husband letting me sleep in.
what a treat!
{i will leave out all the negative bits}
the day ended with a cranky toddler.
we suspected he stuffed a craisin up his nose.
since i am mother of the year and all,
we just sent the boy to bed after his dinner and bath.
nobody slept.
elijah appeared to be coming down with quite a cold.
today, i woke up to elijah's elbows poking my eye out,
and snot on my face. his snot.
plans to babysit my niece were canceled.
she was spared whining, snotty elijah and grumpy aunt hannah.
i made banana muffins and brewed extra coffee.
this helped tremendously.
earlier, elijah's demeanor was really making me wonder
if he did indeed have a craisin in his little nose.
now, it has been confirmed.
he sneezed out a very swollen craisin.
gross. also fabulous.
he looks and seems to feel 150% better now.
good grief.
several weeks ago, i purchased this folk print from draw pilgrim.
pilgrim's blog is one of the grooviest that i read.
loooove it. love her.
anyway, i finally took my print in to be framed.
i chose a simple red frame, no matting.
can't wait until it's ready-i'm planning to hang it in my kitchen!
this print from naptime diaries is what i need next.
framed and on the wall, for me to read
as soon as i wake up each day!

on my list 31, #29 is finishing elijah's baby book.
this includes writing his adoption story out.
it has been really fun and emotional to reflect
and write about this journey.
y'all can expect part one of elijah's adoption story
to (finally)post this week!
speaking of my list, #25 is to attend a blog conference. i am.
blog sugar is less than five months away.
our travel plans are being finalized this week!
are you going?!

happy monday! make it great!
therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable,
always abounding in the work of the lord,
knowing that in the lord your labor is not in vain.
1 CORINTHIANS 15:58esv


  1. yeah for sleeping in!!! isn't that the best?!?! And, glad the craisin came out! I am going to Blog Sugar also...can't wait to meet you!!! :)

  2. me! me! i'm going! can't WAIT to meet you. i think we should have a hymn sing in the corner. and i love those pics. the blue against the yellow. perfection.

  3. happy mama's day to you! :) sounds like it was....interesting. :) In a good way of course! :)

    I bet elijah felt SO much better once that craisin was out. That is hilarious!

    Can't WAIT to read your adoption story! :)

  4. I just pulled a lego out of Nathan's nose last week. Awesome! Love the print! Can't wait to give you a big hug in September. woot woot!

  5. Can't wait to meet you at Blog Sugar! Sorry you lil' guy is sick, but thank God that the craisin came out. Life as a mom is never boring.

  6. The craisin story made me laugh. I know it probably wasn't funny at the time, but such is life with a little boy. Trouble makers!
    And I'm excited to meet you at Blog Sugar!