Tuesday, May 10, 2011

game night {for anika}

remember anika?
lots of sweet folks have already
it isn't too late for you to join us!

i've pledged to have a little party
and raise a little money for this little girl.
her family is somewhere out there.
donating to her adoption fund will help that family
tremendously when they find her.
much of me wishes we were called to be her family, we are not.
we are able to help give to ready things
for family god brings to her!
i hope you'll send some love anika's way too:)

so, originally, i planned to forgo fun party things
in order to have more money to donate.
well i changed my mind.
i realized that although i do have a few fun things on hand,
i really want to make it fun.
i love stripey straws and treat cups.
they are fun for everyday, but especially for parties.
straws are really my fave though,
i have lots of cheery colors and patterns.
for the game night, i have
for candy/treat cups, i wanted
we have several games. wii games, board games, we'll bust 'em all out.
one of my recent faves to play is a version of trivial pursuit,
bet you know it. i got it last summer(for free to review!)
and discovered that i am a gambler. kidding. no, for real.
you bet whether or not a player will get an answer correct.
it is crazy fun. it is hard.
am i the only dummy who struggles with trivial pursuit games?
anyway. games will be played.
there will be winners. that means prizes.
i love to give out prizes. oh yes i do.

{i am a bit down.
seems most of my guest list can't make it friday. pfft.
praying they'll still donate:)
anything we collect will be wonderful!}

now i'm wondering, what should we do for our next game night?
we have a few local organizations
that i'd love to collect things for. we'll see!


  1. Love the straws and the cause. Oh what a sweet girl. I hope she finds her forever family soon.

  2. Blog catch-up: I would have come to your party for Annika!

    I appreciate the encouraging quote about my faith and Jesus!

    Laughed my head off over Elijah's "boogie"!!!! (I have been known to stick a blueberry or two up my nose:-)

  3. katie-yes, pray she does go HOME soon!
    suzanne-you really should try to stop putting berries up your nose:)

  4. i'm planning on a game night too for our anika party. i can't decide though: board games? euchre tourney? poker with oreos? too many options, i tell you. :)

    hope your party goes swimmingly!

  5. nic, all of the above! woohoo! xo

  6. awww...i wish i could come! hope it works out for lots of people last minute and they all show up on your doorstep! =)

    we have one of our Anika parties Friday, too! =)

    thank you, friend.

    keep praying for her family....i just know they are close!

  7. love-i pray so too! we can always have another party:)