Tuesday, May 31, 2011


is it really summertime? already? finally?
almost. stormy here, but it won't hurt my feelings.

for the next few months, my five-o-rite finds
will be things i love for this season.

 many years ago, a friend gave me
zoya nail polish as a gift. oh. man.
i love it, when i can get it. these colors, kieko and lolly,
are likely to be in rotation all summer long.
tip for you, if you register on their website,
you'll be hip to some sweet dealios. you're welcome.

caldrea countertop cleanser, in ginger pomelo.
fave scent, i love all their products for the home.
i haven't had any counter spray on hand for awhile,
so i decided that i wanted to freshen things up a bit.
i went to our funny little local
pharmacy/gift shop and picked up a bottle.
since i am allergic to nearly every cleaning product ever made,
this line of products is a pot of gold. natural ingredients,
amazing fresh, even yummy smells.
i wipe the cabinets and countertops
much. more. often. with this stuff. love it!

flip-flops are a summer staple, yes?
recently i snagged a deal on this clarks spa style.
they are super comfortable and i love the shade of brown.
browns can be weird, you know.

every so often, i splurge on "special" hand soap.
mainly, it is a splurge because of the speed in which
the container is emptied. i am an obsessive hand washer.
that is another blog post altogether. or not. i'll spare you.
anyway, have you tried the
fresh picked collection at bath and body works?
wowza. i truly can't pick a favorite scent, but if i did,
it'd be blueberry. or strawberry.
or maybe apple.

one of my favorite drinks, anytime. summer especially though
la croix sparkling water. even though it doesn't come
bottled in fancy glass, with a fancy set label, i love it.
the refreshment found in that cold,
brightly colored can just can't be beat!
even better? drink it with a stripey paper straw. for reals.
lime is my (current) favorite flavor.

what are a few of your summer favorites?


  1. Hi Hannah I'm following along here now :)


  2. I only buy handsoap from Bath and Body... it's one of my little splurges. But I always wait until they have the big sales and buy a lot at one time. Haven't smelled the fresh picked scents but I'm guessing I'd love the blueberry.

    And I LOVE that brand of nail polish, but since I bite my fingernails I never get to paint them :o(

  3. Hey girl! I totally LOVE that countertop spray! It's all I use!! (and you spray your counter so much more just bc you want to use it) ;) Also, I've been wanting to try that sparkling water...are there any flavors that you recommend?

  4. i love me some rosebud salve -- the perfect summer lip balm! keeps your pouty lips moisturized for a very long time :)

  5. well you have shown me some new things here lovely lady. I have the perfect brown flip flops too. they are Rainbows, and I wear them so much they are on the verge of being gross.