Friday, May 06, 2011


last night, the fam
(my sister, her husband and cutie pants baby girl)
joined us for a little cinco de mayo dinner.
the creamy baked chicken toquitos
and black bean salad were ace.
the brazilian lemonade was a hit too!
this is one of the reasons i love
having multi colored fiestaware dishes.
i have colors to use for any occasion:)

today i'm reflecting on the blessing
of living here in north dakota.
this winter really sucked the life out of me.
a spot of JOY is, my sister is only a few miles away.
we get along great-best of friends.
our husbands get along well too!
our husbands look alike
and often act similar.
when people meet the four of us,
they think they are brothers
and linnea is my in law:)
i love my family.
we're like a fiesta-a celebration of life.
we've all struggled, suffered and championed so much.
god is so good!
i'm so thankful that the lord paced us here,
near my sister.
while we really miss our brothers(who live in maryland),
we sisters have each other.
getting icees and frappes
smiling at our babies
cooking for each other
walking on a windy, sunny day
talk about fave magazines
watch movies
listening to serious or hilarious events of the day

i enjoy all of this and so much more.
with my sister.
because she's only four miles away.
what. a. treat.
i will give thanks to the lord with my whole heart;
i will recount all of your wonderful deeds.
i will be glad and exult in you; 
i will sing praise to your name, o most high.
PSALM 9:1-2esv


  1. aww. so sweet. sisters are the best. mine is my best friend as well. :) we are pretty fortunate girls, aren't we!

  2. what a fun cinco de mayo celebration! and PTL for sisters...mine lives close by, too. God is so good--rejoicing with you!

  3. Oh sounds like lots of fun!....just popped over from Casey's :)

  4. I am thankful for my sister, too--so far we have lived very far apart--but the good Lord gives us a good visit more often than I think will happen.
    I love my girls too--and miss them,
    Love mama

  5. i wish i was there…

    happy mother's day friend!!

  6. both my sisters are across the country, so I know how lucky you are and how much joy you bring each other - I miss my sisters and loved your sweet post :)

  7. btw, while you're enjoying your sister's company, we're enjoying your brother's - yesterday went to Jazz festival and had a yummy dinner with Jared and Faith and today had Jack over for lunch at our place (Jamie cooked!)... can't wait to have you guys over so we can enjoy your precious selves, too!!!

  8. Love this! I love the food, the fiestaware, that tablecloth, but most of all I love how much you love your sister. All three of mine live within five miles of me and I can't imagine having it any other way. Sisters are the best!