Tuesday, May 03, 2011

a few ideas for mama

mother's day is this sunday!
my mama is hundreds of miles away, but she knows i love her!
i'm sure you all have amazing things planned
for your mama or other fabulous ladies in your lives.
my husband will be working. bleh.
i will get to spend the day with my little wild child, so no worries!
if i know my hubby, we'll probably go out for dinner:)

in case you need some help,
here are a few things that
you could whip up and give for gifts!

what are your mother's day plans?


  1. i have been wanting to make one of those felt flowers for so long…for some reason i don't think mine will look anything like that though

  2. That 1st one is so awesome. I have to check out how it is made. Enjoy your special mama day with your lil' guy!

  3. still working out all our plans but I bought my mom the most beautiful leaded glass jewelry box at a consignment store today. I can't wait to give it to her! I may have to blog about it. I love it that much,lol

  4. i love it! i love it all! but especially number four (mwa-ha-ha...)